Artstravaganza displays Scholastic Art and Writing pieces in Nichols Atrium


Ashley Jiang

Students discuss art pieces displayed in Nichols Atrium. The works of this year’s AP Studio Art students were featured in an exhibit up earlier this year.

by Sara Yen, Reporter

Artstravaganza, the upper school’s annual art and writing exhibition, will be on display in Nichols Atrium starting April 9. The gallery will include the works of this year’s Scholastic Art and Writing Awards winners as well as the works of any Harker student currently taking art classes.

“What I like about Artstravaganza is that it’s really a community celebration of all the visual arts that have happened in the year, so it could be students who are freshmen who have just taken the Study of Visual Arts class or students who have done advanced sculpting or ceramics,” visual arts teacher Pilar Aguero-Esparza said.

Katrina Liou (11), a Scholastic Art Awards winner who has had her work exhibited in Artstravaganza for the past two years, shared her personal thoughts on the event.

“I think [Artstravaganza] is a great way to display students’ art. It’s a one big event that includes not just AP [Art] students but also the drawing, the graphic arts, the sculpture students, and it’s great,” she said. “It exposes our community to the school’s visual arts programs.”

Although the art building does not have its own space for an exhibition, hosting Artstravaganza in Nichols, the science building, has its benefits for both teachers and students.

“We always get comments from teachers in Nichols, like ‘It’s nice to have the art and see the colors!'” Aguero-Esparza said. “They appreciate being able to host us, and we really appreciate it because we don’t have a gallery. Everybody goes into that building because they have to have a science class at some point, so we like that too because it’s high traffic, so a lot of people are getting exposed to what students are doing in the art classes.”

Like the past two years, Jazz Band is planning to perform at Artstravaganza to entertain the viewers of the exhibition in Nichols. The exhibition will stay up in the center of Nichols Atrium until the end of the first week back from spring break. After that, all of the art will be moved to the walls of the space to stay up for another month.

This piece was originally published in the pages of the Winged Post on March 29, 2019.