Varsity girls soccer team slams Eastside College Prep 6-0


Kinnera Mulam

Kalyn Su (12) jostles with an Eastside defender for the ball. The team emerged victorious 6-0 at the end of the game, which is their second to last of the season.

by Ella Yee and Kinnera Mulam

The varsity girls soccer team beat Eastside College Prep 6-0 in a home game on Friday, improving their record to 11-0. 

The Eagles jumped out to a fast start, with midfielder Lexi Wong (11) scoring a goal within the first minute. Though the team managed to maintain their lead over their opponents with suffocating defensive play, scoring the second goal proved to be more challenging.

“We came in maybe a little overconfident, a little bit off the high of the goal in the first minute,” Lexi said. “It took thirty minutes to get a second goal.”

As the game progressed, the Eagles began to pick up their pace. Bringing substitutes onto the field allowed them to secure a 4-0 edge by halftime, with three goals scored in the last ten minutes of the first half. Two of those three were scored by Cassie May (11), while Sara Glusman (9) scored the third.

In the second half, the Eagles tacked on two more goals, scored by Claire Anderson (9) and Laurel Davies (10), her first of the season. 

“I don’t even have words for the moment,” Laurel said. “I wasn’t even expecting it to go in, so when it did, I was very excited. I think I’m still working on getting more aggressive in games, but it’s going pretty well.”

Meanwhile, the team continued to prevent Eastside from scoring any goals by keeping their defense tight and fighting to maintain control over the ball. 

“It was slow to start, but we had good subs that came in,” Lexi said. “The freshmen put in some goals and we’re very proud of them.”

The team’s practices this season have involved studying film, reviewing set plays, running passing and shooting drills and scrimmaging. The girls are undefeated so far and plan to keep up their hard work to maintain their win streak. At least five games are left in the season, with more to come if the team makes the WBAL playoffs.

“The [players] are just more experienced and more confident this season,” coach Iman Siadat said. “They’ve had a really successful season [so far], so I just want to keep them focused and hopefully capture a league championship this year.”

A previous version of this article misreported the number of games left in the season for the varsity girls soccer team. The article has been updated on Jan. 26, 2022 to reflect the correction of this error.