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Humans of Harker: Striving to serve

“I really like this basic Tumblr quote, it’s called, ‘Reach for the moon, and if you miss, you'll land among the stars.’ The way I interpret that is … to set unachievable goals. So I'll try and reach that unachievable goal, and if I make it, that's awesome … but if I don't, I've still achieved a lot,” Elizabeth Fields (12) said.

by Lavanya Subramanian, TALON Organizations Editor

October 23, 2020

A field of grass that goes on seemingly forever. Hundreds of different species of plants. Only a few other people in sight. Elizabeth Fields (12) spends a significant amount of time in places like these, volunteering with Grassroots Ecology to take care of the surrounding nature. Working beside her are ...

Humans of Harker: Discovering the world

“It’s such a big world. Why don't you want to learn everything about it? There's so much in everything, and I just want to learn as much as I can for learning's sake. There’s wonder and excitement at seeing all these new things in the world that I didn't know about, and [I feel] really overjoyed that I get to learn about them,” Tessa Muhle (12) said. 

by Sally Zhu, Humans of Harker Profiler

October 22, 2020

Think about all the places you’ve traveled to in your lifetime. Does that list include England and India, Spain and Belgium, Panama and Austria? Tessa Muhle’s (12) list certainly does, and it doesn’t stop there. Tessa’s life has been full of journeys across the world, her adventures forever i...

Humans of Harker: Leading by connection

“I only have one year left [at Harker], and I really want to take advantage of it. I know every single person has their unique story [and that] every single person is special in their own way, so I want to get to know everyone. In 20 years, I may not remember everyone, but whether it's someone I know well or not, just going to talk to them, having a quick laugh in between classes, those small moments are what I know I will carry on with me,” Bryan Zhang (12) said.

by Aditya Singhvi, Co-Managing Editor

October 21, 2020

“I’m 6-foot-2 and scared of Disney movies.” When he needs a fun fact to introduce himself — whether to a crop of excited mentees at DECA launch, with his Link Crew advisory playing two truths and a lie or in a class filled with friends at the start of the year — that’s the one Bryan Zhan...

Humans of Harker: Artistic expression

“I like making … art that moves people and makes them think a little bit more. My AP [Studio] Art focus was on my experience with anxiety, so I turned that into understanding how a person feels or how I felt personally with anxiety, like chaos. I replicated that in my artwork, and it was a nice escape for me to understand what I was feeling,” Arya Tandon (12) said.

by Nilisha Baid, TALON Business Manager

October 20, 2020

Golden sunlight illuminates Arya Tandon’s (12) face as she sits at Vasona Park and outlines a brain in her sketchbook. A pen in hand, she adds minute details to her piece, concentrating on the page in front of her. But this isn’t where you’d usually find her: to create art, Arya looks for safe...

Humans of Harker: Finding purpose through filmmaking

“Everyone is a unique individual person, and you can't shift someone else into another person's mold. That just won't work. If you do, you'll feel even more unfulfilled. And then you'll feel sadder because you're not living up to be that other person,” Ajay Madala (12) said.

by Sabrina Zhu, Asst. STEM Editor

October 19, 2020

A young third grader sits eagerly on a couch beside his mother, staring at the TV in front of him. Dressed in an all yellow suit, a woman appears on the screen, and she grips tightly to a long, metallic sword. She’s surrounded by people with black suits and sharp knives. The nine-year-old Ajay Madala (...

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