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Humans of Harker: Time well spent

“The way I see myself and [what] I pride myself [in] is not be[ing] subjected to one group of friends. Now, it’s tougher to do so online, but I still have another semester. I just want to end on a good note with everyone, and I don’t want to hold grudges or any regrets,” Anmol Velagapudi (12) said.
Anmol Velagapudi searches for real connections
November 20, 2020

He’s the quiet kid, modest and a good listener. But he knows everyone in the grade, and everyone knows him.  The considerable shift from middle school to high school brings with it considerable changes,...

Humans of Harker: Step by step

“The longer I’ve been running, the more I love it. I feel like it’s taught me so many life lessons, and it’s always pushing me to be my best on and off the field. I do it everyday because I like it so much, but on top of that, you can be so much more. I’m still a student and everything, and [I have] a normal life,” Anna Weirich (12) said.
Anna Weirich dedicates her time and energy to running
November 18, 2020

A school of clouds sprinkle across the sky, creating a layer of fog just thin enough to reveal the entire San Francisco Bay. Birds chirp quietly, and the dry grass sways gently in the warm afternoon wind....

Humans of Harker: Conquering through humility

“I’m not a very outgoing person, so music is a way for me to speak out in a different way — through music instead of words. I think it’s a way for me to conquer my shyness. Although I’m not the most confident in my playing skill, compared to speaking, music has been a mouthpiece for me to convey my own thoughts,” Varun Mangla (12) said.
Varun Mangla finds confidence in volunteering and music
November 17, 2020

Standing with his feet spaced evenly apart, his lips pressed gently against the mouthpiece of his trombone, Varun Mangla (12) gazes thoughtfully before beginning to play. Powerful, soulful notes emanate...

Humans of Harker: Reimagine the possibilites

“[I've always had] a fear of not doing well [which was influenced by] the definition of the stereotype that we hold at Harker. It's something I grew out of by senior year ... I realized [that] we're all just in this together and what happens in our lives happens. It's all about how I choose to present myself. It's not about what other people may think,” Julia Yusupov (12) said.
Julia Yusupov leaves a positive impact on the people around her
November 13, 2020

Resting on the hill near her house in her newly thrifted clothes, Julia Yusupov (12) stares out into the distance, the view calming her. Smiling, she lets go of all the worries in her head, preparing herself...

Humans of Harker: Amicable and dependable

“I really love photography, especially wildlife photography ... [Recently,] I haven’t been able to get outside as much, but it was just fun to create last year. In my sophomore year, I did something related to photography and robotics — I led media and created the videos. That was a lot of fun and that’s what drew me into videography and photography,” Arthur Jakobsson (12) said.
Arthur Jakobsson supports his community through computer science and robotics
November 12, 2020

Nearly all Harker students have the Harker Bell Schedule bookmarked on their browsers, but do you know who helped develop the website? Arthur Jakobsson (12) has dedicated hours of his time to perfect this...

Humans of Harker: Timed strokes

“I used to live in New Jersey for the first ten years of my life, then I moved to California, so I had three different schools ever since coming to California. But my swim team … was like my second family. I knew everybody on the team for a long time. Even newcomers who came to the team later: they were embraced really quickly and [the] bond we had — it was pretty strong,” Matthew Chung (12) said.
Matthew Chung finds competition in various aspects of life
November 6, 2020

Wearing a pair of blue goggles, Matthew Chung (12) raises himself out of the water with ease. Smoothly dipping in and out of the water, he betrays no sign that the temperature of the water is different...

Humans of Harker: Self-discovery to success

“I find it to be a lot better when you discover something [yourself] … rather than trying to do everything in a really shallow way. Having that interest in whatever you like to do can help you generate better ideas and have better experiences … especially when you’re passionate about something, rather than trying to follow either other people or what is common,
Bowen Yin drives himself forward through computer science and golf
November 5, 2020

Sitting at a plain, wooden table in the corner of the bustling upper school library and surrounded by high schoolers scrunched over their laptops, Bowen Yin (12) types away on his computer, adding in the...

Humans of Harker: Love yourself

“Being able to be vulnerable is something that my mom has taught me. It is necessary to, at times, not be okay, and it’s important to still accept yourself in those moments. Especially when we grow up around a culture where it's not okay to cry, or to let yourself slip ...  it's hard not to make work about that, because that is such a defining point of my life,
Farah Hosseini seeks answers in art
November 4, 2020

A soft melody begins to oscillate slowly from the piano, recalling a musical sequence heavy with nostalgia. Crisp musical notes cut through a bright, wavering melody of piano chords, slowly intensifying...

Humans of Harker: Conversation isn’t always spoken

“[Music] is worth it because it's something that's for myself, and it's something that I genuinely have found myself to enjoy. It's a great way for me to express my own creativity and explore and learn about myself in the process,” Santoshi Tirumala (12) said.
Santoshi Tirumala communicates emotions through musical storytelling
November 3, 2020

“How’s your day been? How’s online school?” Santoshi Tirumala (12) asks while taking off her mask to reveal an authentic, caring smile. Subconsciously, her extroverted personality kicks in, and...

Humans of Harker: Always there for you

“I feel like volunteering is always important. I know Harker has the volunteering requirements, but honestly if they didn’t have that, I would still be volunteering because it’s just helping your community, which is something I’m passionate about. I want to work in the medical field when I’m older, which is also helping people, and I just feel like they fit together well,” Sophie Durn (12) said.
Sophie Durn finds joy through sports and supporting others
November 2, 2020

A light splash of water echoes as Sophie Durn (12) dives into the crystal clear water, clearing her mind and drowning out people’s cheers from above. A myriad of tiny bubbles follow her hands as she...

Humans of Harker: Making his mark

“I really want to get to a point where I can tell other people stories and even my own [story]. I really want to provide good, realistic stories about real people and good representation in kids' shows. I really want to get that satisfaction of creating a story and seeing it come to fruition and putting it out there for the rest of the world to see and making other people happy and feel represented,” Elliot Kampmeier (12) said.
Elliot Kampmeier embraces love for artistic storytelling
October 30, 2020

Gazing intently down at the neon inks covering a page in his sketchbook, Elliot Kampmeier (12) lays down another layer of vibrant color, giving his study further depth and dimension. The bright contents...

Humans of Harker: The road ahead

“In London, separated from everybody I [know], I had [this] detachment which made me stop and think about who I wanted to be. [Since the trip], I've let that keep going and define what I do. Everything I do is a choice; it's about the person that I want to be,” Nilisha Baid (12) said.
Nilisha Baid actively reflects on her character and growth
October 29, 2020

The aroma of a fresh-pressed Norwegian waffle drizzled with strawberry jam and brunost wafting past the entrance of a popular London café. A drive through Silver Creek at dusk with the windows down, Halsey’s...

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