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The student news site of The Harker School.

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Perspectives: Sisters
Perspectives: Sisters
by Shareen Chahal and Janam Chahal April 16, 2024

In 2023 alone, over 10,000 research papers were withdrawn, setting a new global record. Journals subject papers to stringent review processes facilitated by expert peer reviewers, but many procedural and factual errors still manage to slip past inattentive editors, threatening to damage the reputation of legitimate scientific research.
Science has an integrity problem
by Mihir Kotbagi, Assistant STEM Editor • April 8, 2024

Science, long held as the epitome of truth and objectivity, is facing an integrity crisis, with a growing number of retractions calling into...

Last-minute merges at the entrance before school or improper turns onto the highway and Saratoga Avenue as students and parents leave school constitute a danger to the community. With only one entrance and exit to campus, drivers often make unsafe decisions to save time.
Editorial: Irresponsible driving endangers community
by Editorial Board March 28, 2024

The final school bell chimes at 3 p.m. Within minutes, students flood Harker’s loading zones, and traffic slows while cars fill the exit lanes....

Throughout comedy’s history, humor has been used as a way to reinforce power dynamics, with women usually being the target of sexist jokes. Despite strides in gender equality in the entertainment industry, the belief that “men are funnier than women” persists, solidifying comedy as a male-dominated field where women struggle to gain visibility.
More than just a punchline
by Ashley Mo March 28, 2024

“It’s just a joke.” “You’re too soft.” “Stop being so sensitive.” These commonly heard phrases dismiss the effects of hurtful...

A customer at Postman Books buys a book at the cash register. With a large range of books available for purchase, the store prides itself on having something for everyone.
Posman Books attracts Chelsea Market visitors with whimsical trinkets and literature
by Isabella Lo and Jessica Wang March 16, 2024

NEW YORK — Standing directly inside the Highline entrance of Chelsea Market, Posman Books opens its doors to customers. With vibrant walls...

A worker at Tacos Numero Uno hands a customer their food. They offered various Mexican street-style selections.
Come see Chelsea: Eat your way through Chelsea Market
by Felix Chen, Vika Gautham, Victor Gong, Isabella Lo, Katerina Matta, Jessica Wang, Alison Yang, and Claire Zhao March 16, 2024

NEW YORK — Former factory-turned-dining destination Chelsea Market features a diverse collection of restaurants, ranging from biscotti-flavored...

Figure 01 stands at the forefront of innovation, showcasing a level of sophistication unseen in previous humanoids. Leveraging stored information, Figure 01 makes inferences rapidly, similar to OpenAI’s GPT-3 and GPT-4, and can also express its thoughts through a text-to-speech model.
Figure 01 revolutionizes humanoid technology through robotics and AI
by Ashley Mo April 17, 2024

“Hey Figure 01, what do you see right now?” “I see a red apple on a plate in the center of the table, a drying rack with cups and a...

Students and staff witness the partial solar eclipse with special solar viewers. These glasses prevent eye damage by filtering out harmful radiation from the Sun.
Upper school community marvels at partial solar eclipse
by Victor Gong and Jessica Wang April 12, 2024

Students and staff across the upper school campus gathered outdoors during lunch on Monday, with eyes, through lenses and filters, affixed to...

An NVIDIA RTX GeForce 4070 Super sits on a wooden table, donning two fans, 12 GB of memory, and a bandwidth of 504 GB/s. NVIDIAs recent success largely lies within its state-of-the-art graphics processing units.

(Provided by Ivan Chen)
Dominating the digital landscape: Core innovations drive NVIDIA to new heights
by Victor Gong and Mihir Kotbagi April 3, 2024

Every year, hundreds of eager buyers flock to Best Buys or constantly refresh online shopping websites, all for one purpose – to get the latest...

Ian Ogden (12)’s Robbie Hart plays the electric guitar while singing “When It’s Your Wedding Day.” “This musical is very lead-heavy,” Ian said. “It took me a while to get to know my character and all his mannerisms.
Marry comedy and chaos with “The Wedding Singer”
by Emma Milner and Alison Yang April 6, 2024

Daniel Wu (22) performs “If Ever I Would Leave You” by Robert Goulet. Daniel and The Spizzwinks visited Harker as a destination of their Hometown Tour.
Yale Spizzwinks brings harmony home
by Young Min and Suhani Gupta April 3, 2024

Threads of voices weave together, uniting into a rich, almost instrumental sound. Unique stories, expressed through singing, intertwine and transcend...

Students David Jiang (9), Tiana Salvi (11), Harshini Chaturvedula (11) and Ivanya Sadana (9) express their cultures by playing musical instruments, dancing and singing while wearing cultural apparel. (Illustration by Young Min, Photos by Margaret Cartee and provided by Tiana Salvi)
Creativity builds cultural bridges
by Tiffany Zhu March 28, 2024

Every step to a dance, every stitch for a keychain, every note from an instrument and every lyric in a song form a vibrant tapestry of cultural...

Music Monday is a new installation featuring a different category of songs on a weekly basis.
Music Monday: Bridge the gap between poetry and music with Aquila
by Suhani Gupta, Co-A&E/Lifestyle Editor • April 15, 2024

How many books have you read for pleasure since the start of the school year?


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Winged Post
Editors Note: Two-way streets
Editor's Note: Two-way streets
by Ella Yee, Aquila Co-Editor-in-Chief • March 20, 2024