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The student news site of The Harker School.

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The student news site of The Harker School.

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Throughout comedy’s history, humor has been used as a way to reinforce power dynamics, with women usually being the target of sexist jokes. Despite strides in gender equality in the entertainment industry, the belief that “men are funnier than women” persists, solidifying comedy as a male-dominated field where women struggle to gain visibility.

More than just a punchline

by Ashley Mo March 28, 2024

“It’s just a joke.” “You’re too soft.” “Stop being so sensitive.” These commonly heard phrases dismiss the effects of hurtful humor and imply that it’s normal to “laugh off” problematic...

A customer at Postman Books buys a book at the cash register. With a large range of books available for purchase, the store prides itself on having something for everyone.

Posman Books attracts Chelsea Market visitors with whimsical trinkets and literature

by Isabella Lo and Jessica Wang March 16, 2024

NEW YORK — Standing directly inside the Highline entrance of Chelsea Market, Posman Books opens its doors to customers. With vibrant walls and matching LED lights, the store offers books and fun...

A worker at Tacos Numero Uno hands a customer their food. They offered various Mexican street-style selections.

Come see Chelsea: Eat your way through Chelsea Market

NEW YORK — Former factory-turned-dining destination Chelsea Market features a diverse collection of restaurants, ranging from biscotti-flavored gelato to Indian street food to hearty New York burgers....

Om Nom is the protagonist of the Cut the Rope video game produced by Zeptolab, but it also has connections to the Harker community. Om Nom has recently become more prevalent at Harker, appearing throughout campus.

Eccentricity and empowerment: A history of Om Nom

by Jonathan Xue March 14, 2024

A green spherical creature waddles on four stubby legs. Smiling impishly, it opens its mouth, exposing six gleaming-white teeth. Gulp! A swirling red-and-white peppermint candy falls into its awaiting...

Consumerism may favor some but harms all

Consumerism may favor some but harms all

by Hima Thota, Co-Features Editor March 13, 2024

Mountains of used clothing pile up in landfills in countries like India and Ghana. Overcrowded sweatshops swarm with young women and children paid three cents an hour to sew used textiles. Nearby, garbage...

History and social science teacher Carol Green stands with a plate of homemade scones. “When you prepare a dish for someone, you are sharing a part of yourself with them, and youre showing that you care for them, Green said.

Meet your teacher: Kitchens and kittens

by Suhani Gupta and Kairui Sun March 12, 2024

Strolling the downstairs Shah lobby, a teacher suddenly overhears the pulsing beat and smooth flow of Tupac’s most famous hits. Peering into the classroom, they see a sprawling picture of Tupac projected...

Ramadan, the holiest month in the Muslim calendar, will take place this year from Mar. 10 to Apr. 9. Over the thirty days, those who are physically able will fast from sunrise to sunset, fulfilling one of the five pillars of Islam, sawm.

Fasting and faith

by Katerina Matta, Co-Sports Editor March 10, 2024

Millions across the world turned to the sky tonight, awaiting the first sighting of the new crescent moon. As the pale white glow emerged from the clouds and replaced the setting sun, cheers erupted, and...

With homeschooling, families can construct a curriculum that tailors to the individual needs of each child. By adopting this personalized system, students can explore subjects of personal interest.

Inside the world of homeschooling

by Disha Gupta, Asst. Opinions Editor March 7, 2024

Imagine departing from the routine of rolling out of bed and trudging through the school day. Step into the realm of homeschooling, where a classroom can be on sandy shores or a hiking trail. Homeschooling’s...

Remembering George Monack: Harker’s grandfather figure

Remembering George Monack: Harker’s grandfather figure

by Hima Thota and Kairui Sun February 21, 2024

A sleek, black Harley-Davidson motorcycle roars down the street. A beaming man with a neatly groomed handlebar mustache revs the engine, his wife nestled right behind him. This may seem like a scene...

The Winged Post sent out a Schoology survey to upper school students asking them to explain situations in their love lives or friendships so that the Winged  Post strategic team could offer advice. We chose five out of 62 responses to answer in this column.

Call to cupid: Your questions, answered

by Ananya Sriram and Ariana Goetting February 14, 2024

The Winged Post sent out a Schoology survey to upper school students asking them to explain situations in their love lives or friendships so that the Winged Post strategic team could offer advice. We chose...

Brendan Carroll signals to an exiting car that they may proceed onto Saratoga Avenue. Carroll arrived on campus at 6:30 a.m. to prepare campus.

From dawn to dusk: a security guard’s workday

by Brandon Zau and Kevin Zhang February 10, 2024

As the time nears 8 a.m., cars flow in and out of the upper school’s front gates, as if guided by the tracks of a continuous conveyor belt. But who operates this well-oiled system?  It comes down...

Social media anonymity creates toxic comment sections through deindividuation, which explains how individuals perceive themselves as one among the masses and tend to exhibit behaviors they might never engage in otherwise. The internet amplifies this effect.

A digital abyss

by Vika Gautham and Emma Li February 8, 2024

In the electric embrace of the 21st century, where every scroll is part of a journey and every click is a portal to another world, social media is woven into everyday life. Yet, beneath the glossy filters...

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