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The student news site of The Harker School.

Harker Aquila

The student news site of The Harker School.

Harker Aquila

Upper school speech and debate teacher Greg Achten was recently elected to the National Debate Coaches Association (NDCA) Board. “I want to make debate a more open and inclusive and kind of awesome place for students to come together and express their ideas,” Achten said. “Thats what I would like. [The debate coaches at Harker] all share the same vision of having a vibrant community where we all appreciate each others work.”

Upper school speech and debate teacher Greg Achten elected to NDCA Board

by Jessica Wang, Assistant Opinions Editor January 27, 2023

Upper school speech and debate teacher Greg Achten was elected to the board of the National Debate Coaches Association (NDCA) for the October 2022 to 2025 term following his involvement in the association...

Lunar New Year decorations spice up a local Gogo Pho restaurant. We celebrate happiness and success together and hope to have good luck for earning more money in the new year, Gogo Pho waiter Tung Nguyen, who identifies as Vietnam, said.

Lunar New Year welcomes in Year of the Rabbit

by Emma Gao, Ella Yee, and Sabrina Zhu January 27, 2023

“I miss my parents so much.” Eight years ago, Tung Nguyen, a waiter at local restaurant Gogo Pho and student at San Jose State University, left his family in Vietnam to study electrical engineering...

As the Holiday season arrives, many students celebrate a variety of different holidays. “Its less of the religious aspects behind it, or the traditional meaning of Christmas,” Zubin Khera (12) said. “Its more so a reason to meet up with family, have a good time and spread the cheer to your friends.”

Dashing into the season of celebration

by Vika Gautham and Isabella Lo December 25, 2022

The chilly December breeze, the smell of hot chocolate, and the sound of carolers— signs that point to the start of the holiday season. For Zubin Khera (12), he recalls spending one Christmas in Truckee,...

Talk around campus: Favorite study spots

by Selina Xu, Medha Yarlagadda, and Sally Zhu December 8, 2022

From the library to the orchard to all the different academic buildings, the upper school campus offers a variety of places for students to work and study during the day. Whether you're looking for a quieter...

Head of Upper School Paul Barsky first notified students of the new crosswalks during the school meeting on Oct. 28. He encouraged students to use them to stay safe and for student drivers to pay attention to new safety features and developments.

New crosswalks installed in parking lots promote student safety

by Sidak Sanghari and Isabella Lo December 7, 2022

Harker administration installed new crosswalks in the front loading zone parking lot leading onto the campus and one from the far student parking slots to Davis Field during the last week of October to...

Neurodiversity describes the idea that people experience the world around them in various ways, and that there is no right way of thinking. On average, about 15% of the U.S. population is neurodiverse.

The weight a word holds: Neurodiversity’s modern meaning in our community

by Vika Gautham, Asst. Features Editor December 7, 2022

Dyslexia. Down syndrome. Attention Deficit Disorder. When the word neurodiversity appears, these words might pop into your head. There are various preconceptions of neurodiversity, such as the fact that...

Aastha Mangla (12) answers a question during the GSA panel on Oct. 21, which featured other students and teachers. Olivas moderated and asked questions to the panelists about their life experiences surrounding their identities.

‘We’re not colorblind:’ Upper school commemorates members of the community during LGTBQ+ month

by Felix Chen, Vika Gautham, and Sidak Sanghari November 15, 2022

A sea of rainbow stickers glimmers in the sun, placed on the sweatshirts, masks and even foreheads of students. Scattered around campus, Gender-Sexuality Alliance (GSA) members offer these stickers to...

A group of friends hold up peace signs. Being kind to myself is knowing and accepting that at times, we might be perceived as falling short, and thats okay, upper school Assistant Academic Dean and LIFE Board Adviser Kelly Horan said. Were all human, and we only have so much time and so much bandwidth.”

Building kindness and gratitude

by Sabrina Zhu, Winged Post Co-Editor-in-Chief November 15, 2022

From holding a door to giving a family member a call, there’s an endless number of ways that you can be kind to the people you love. And with International World Kindness Day taking place  tomorrow,...

Camera in hand, photographer Ben Green prepares to shoot a National Football League (NFL) game. Green works as the team photographer for the Buffalo Bills.

So you want to be a … sports photographer?

by Brandon Zau and Alena Suleiman November 11, 2022

Sports: one of the most ubiquitous and well-known forms of entertainment filled with action, tension and drama. But behind-the-scenes of each game and event is a dedicated group of people pursuing to capture...

Students craft up creative costumes for Halloween. Check out the costumes of Jeremy Ko (12), Isabella Ribeiro (11), Shareen Chahal (11) and Ava Arasan (12) in the video.

Students craft up creative costumes for Halloween

by Sally Zhu, Selina Xu, and Medha Yarlagadda November 8, 2022

Students and faculty donned a variety of costumes from internet memes to childhood show characters and even other community members to celebrate Halloween on Oct. 31. In addition, Harker Spirit Leadership...

An illustration representing an online chess match. Online chess site released a 72-page report on Oct. 4 accusing Chess Grandmaster Hans Niemann of unfair play in over 100 online chess games in his career.

Shattering the integrity of a centuries-old sport

by Edward Huang and Felix Chen November 7, 2022

In a sport where players take their focus and concentration to their limits, where games between professionals often last for hours on end, even a single misstep could make the difference between victory...

Rupert Chen (12) plays the bagpipes during Quadchella on Oct. 19. The bagpipe is a traditional Scottish instrument that is part of the woodwind family.

Quadchella strengthens bond of Harker community

by Alison Yang and Young Min November 5, 2022

Tunes and laughter fill the air as upper school students and faculty gathered to watch Quadchella, a semi-annual showcase that featured 12 members of the Harker community and their talents, in the Quad...

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