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The student news site of The Harker School.

Harker Aquila

The student news site of The Harker School.

Harker Aquila

A former English teacher, Vaughan treasures the impact of teachers inside and outside the classroom, citing it as “real magic going on.” She values them as the communitys foundation, facilitating student learning and growth. 

Meet your staff: Re-creating reading with passion and vision

by Emma Milner, Ella Yee, and Minal Jalil June 11, 2024

Students flock to classrooms all across campus. But unlike every other school day, they are not stressing about their looming deadlines full of assignments and tests. Instead, a new type of chatter fills...

Departing staff reflect on their years of service

Departing staff reflect on their years of service

by Aryana Bharali, Humans of Harker Co-Managing Editor May 24, 2024

This year, Harker bids farewell to four staff members: Library Director Lauri Vaughan, Speech and Debate teacher Scott Odekirk, Computer Science teacher Susan King and Director of Diversity, Equity and...

Talk Around Campus: Mother’s Day

by Charlize Wang and Claire Yu May 12, 2024

Cameron Jones (9): Every Mother's Day, me and my sister and my dad make breakfast in bed for my mother, and we give it to her. And we make French toast. Paul Barsky, Upper School Division Head: Typically,...

Meet your teacher: Spreading smiles through song

Meet your teacher: Spreading smiles through song

by Charlize Wang, Aquila Co-Managing Editor May 9, 2024

Music holds meaning. For some, it’s a source of energy. For others, it’s an escape from the raucous rhythm of reality. And for history teacher Dr. Witschorik, it’s a beacon of positivity where...

Aquilas guide to preparing for AP Exams

Aquila’s guide to preparing for AP Exams

by Anika Maji, Reporter May 5, 2024

May is upon us, bringing with it the joy of Mother’s Day, May flowers — according to an old English proverb, anyway — and Advanced Placement exams. If you’re dreading those long hours of filling...

Arnav Swaroop (12) dances with his friends on the patio floor. This years prom took place at the Winchester Mystery House, a national historic venue that is often booked for weddings and parties.

Music, mystery and memories

by Lily Shi and Jessica Hu May 4, 2024

Colorful lights and artificial smoke swirl around the outdoor patio, as the crowd dances and sings along to booming music. Laughter and chatter fill the air as students spend the evening celebrating against...

Meet your teacher: Teachings of a thespian

Meet your teacher: Teachings of a thespian

by Jonathan Xue, HoH Co-Editor-in-Chief May 3, 2024

A scintillating soliloquy punctuates the stage, marking the ending number to a theatrical adaptation of Antigone. As the lights fade to black and the curtains draw close, a resounding applause fills the...

Rae Ann Prado stretches skyward during her dance. She co-founded Aztec dance group Calpulli Ocelocihuatl in 2023. (Provided by Rae Ann Prado)

Meet your staff: Revive the past

by Kairui Sun, Photo Editor April 26, 2024

Silence. A few taps on the keyboard, a click and another silent pause. Suddenly, the door swings open and a student enters, rushing into the college counseling office. As they check in, the woman at the...

Throughout comedy’s history, humor has been used as a way to reinforce power dynamics, with women usually being the target of sexist jokes. Despite strides in gender equality in the entertainment industry, the belief that “men are funnier than women” persists, solidifying comedy as a male-dominated field where women struggle to gain visibility.

More than just a punchline

by Ashley Mo March 28, 2024

“It’s just a joke.” “You’re too soft.” “Stop being so sensitive.” These commonly heard phrases dismiss the effects of hurtful humor and imply that it’s normal to “laugh off” problematic...

A customer at Postman Books buys a book at the cash register. With a large range of books available for purchase, the store prides itself on having something for everyone.

Posman Books attracts Chelsea Market visitors with whimsical trinkets and literature

by Isabella Lo and Jessica Wang March 16, 2024

NEW YORK — Standing directly inside the Highline entrance of Chelsea Market, Posman Books opens its doors to customers. With vibrant walls and matching LED lights, the store offers books and fun...

A worker at Tacos Numero Uno hands a customer their food. They offered various Mexican street-style selections.

Come see Chelsea: Eat your way through Chelsea Market

NEW YORK — Former factory-turned-dining destination Chelsea Market features a diverse collection of restaurants, ranging from biscotti-flavored gelato to Indian street food to hearty New York burgers....

Om Nom is the protagonist of the Cut the Rope video game produced by Zeptolab, but it also has connections to the Harker community. Om Nom has recently become more prevalent at Harker, appearing throughout campus.

Eccentricity and empowerment: A history of Om Nom

by Jonathan Xue March 14, 2024

A green spherical creature waddles on four stubby legs. Smiling impishly, it opens its mouth, exposing six gleaming-white teeth. Gulp! A swirling red-and-white peppermint candy falls into its awaiting...

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