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Emma Milner

Emma Milner, Co-Sports Editor

Emma Milner (11) is the co-sports editor for Harker Aquila and the Winged Post, and this is her third year on staff. This year, Emma wishes to maintain strong sports coverage and continue improving her photography skills. Outside of school, she plays badminton competitively, and in her free time, she likes to watch Suits.

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Fallen electrical lines outside of the music resource room caused the power outage. Notices informing students of the cancellation went out throughout the following hour.

Hammies and Senior Showcase rescheduled to Friday

by Suhani Gupta, Co-A&E/Lifestyle Editor
May 22, 2024
“The biggest thing for me is perseverance. The more I do these activities, the better I get. And when you do well, it feels good, but also sticking with it and not giving up is a very important quality. I like to finish; I dont like to leave things half undone,” Jack Yang (12) said.

Humans of Harker: Leading with laughter

by Emma Milner, Co-Sports Editor
January 30, 2024
Tennis player Pavith Khara (10) tosses the ball atop her racket. She plays for the varsity girls tennis team and competes nationally in the girls under-16 category.

Apex: Calm on the court, persistent in play

by Emma Milner, Co-Sports Editor
December 12, 2023
Varun Fuloria (12) poses with a squash racket. Varun will continue his squash career at Columbia University in the fall of 2024.

Apex: Playing the game of patience

by Emma Milner, Co-Sports Editor
October 18, 2023
Safety Daniel Lin (12) hits a wheel during a tackling drill. Daniel has played for the Harker football program since his freshman year, and he is a co-captain of the team this year.

Athletes ramp up skills during off-season

by Emma Milner, Co-Sports Editor
September 12, 2023
Ashley Hong (12) performs a butterfly stroke while racing for the Palo Alto Stanford Aquatics (PASA) swim team. “I like that swimming is a team sport but also individual,” Ashley said. “I also really enjoy relays — I feel it’s super fun [because you] work with your team. (Provided by Ashley Hong)

Apex: Deep dive into swimmer’s success

by Emma Milner, Co-Sports Editor
September 10, 2023
Alana Brill (9) competes in the butterfly race during a home meet last Thursday. Girls lacrosse, boys volleyball, swimming and baseball have matches this week.

Weekly sports previews: March 28 to March 31

by Emma Milner, Assistant Sports Editor
March 28, 2023
An illustration featuring a cyclist biking down a path. Cycling, in addition to being an environmentally-friendly mode of transportation, is, for many, a sport and a passion.

Cycling onwards: Bikers find their own path

by Emma Milner, Assistant Sports Editor
March 9, 2023
“If theres a certain route that Im working on, I know Im not going to get it immediately. If I want to challenge myself, I have to take time to slowly work on it and not expect perfection from the beginning. Rock climbing helps me think about life in terms of just chipping at it and not tackling everything head-on as a whole,” Aaron Tiritoglu (12) said.

Humans of Harker: Scaling new heights

by Emma Milner, Asst. Sports Editor
March 6, 2023
“I like photographing people a lot because of the connection you can form with them, especially if you have a conversation with them. While youre taking photos of them, youre able to get to know them a lot more. After taking the photograph, that acts as a bond between two people,” Vasudha Subramanian (12) said.

Humans of Harker: Heart for service

by Emma Milner, Asst. Sports Editor
February 15, 2023
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