Harker Aquila


HarkerAquila is the online student run publication of The Harker School in San Jose, California. We strive to create and publish factual content of relevance to the student body and maintain balanced coverage of the school’s events and activities. All content decisions are made by the editorial staff.

Opinions and letters represent the personal viewpoint of the author and not the school or this publication.

HarkerAquila welcomes reader comments on its website. However, any comment reflecting baseless accusations, insults, libelous statements, or obscenities will be removed from the site.

Letters to the Editor should be submitted electronically to [email protected]. The editors reserve the right to edit letters for length and/orto conform to the style of the publication. Insults, libelous statements, obscenities, and letters that call for disruptive or violent actions will not be considered for publication.

Please contact us at [email protected] if you  have further questions or would like more information about HarkerAquila or other Harker publications.

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