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Harker Aquila

The student news site of The Harker School.

Harker Aquila

The student news site of The Harker School.

Harker Aquila

“Theres a fine line in the duality of thought between not thinking too much and constantly thinking. Its always good to have confidence in your own abilities, but being open to everything that people are saying and approaching things with an open mind is great toward not only understanding other peoples perspectives but also honing in on my own knowledge, Charles Ding (22) said.

Humans of Harker: Chicken or egg

by Mark Hu, Winged Post Managing Editor June 25, 2022

A blur of numbers flash by on a lit-up screen. Charles Ding (‘22) rapidly peels a hard-boiled egg, as its shell falls into a trash can below. Huddled around him, a group of friends watches on as one...

“I would worry about what other people thought about me, what my teammates were thinking. I got way too focused on that, so after a while, soccer wasn’t fun for me anymore. [But,] the school team is an environment where you can experiment and be creative with the ball, if you’re willing to take those chances, and I was able to do that, Muthu Panchanatham (22) said.

Humans of Harker: Scoring and scouting

by Vishnu Kannan, Aquila Co-Managing Editor June 22, 2022

A flash of green darts through the midfield, almost camouflaging with the light green turf on Davis Field. With quick, calculated strides, Muthu Panchanatham (‘22) weaves his way through a swarm of enclosing...

Two chairs are pushed against the door in the Nichols 307 classroom during the shelter-in-place (SIP) at the upper school campus today. The school activated SIP this afternoon after an unarmed intruder entered the campus, and all students and staff are safe.

Upper school activates shelter-in-place, all students, staff safe

by Emma Gao, Isha Moorjani, Sally Zhu, and Sabrina Zhu June 22, 2022

The upper school campus activated a shelter-in-place (SIP) this afternoon after an unarmed intruder entered the campus during a police chase.  All students and staff are safe, according to an email...

“Ive experienced a lot of disappointing moments, but the ratio of good to bad moments is so stark that [it] makes the good moments so good, because they stand out more. Piano has taught me how to go through struggle, how to persevere and that its okay to not be a perfectionist, Yejin Song (22) said.

Humans of Harker: Keys to connection

by Olivia Xu and Emma Gao June 16, 2022

Powerful. Passionate. Romantic. Singing melodies that make you feel like you’re soaring, flying with the notes the way a pianist’s fingers fly across a piano’s keys. Tunes that evoke your deepest...

“When you play soccer, you have more of a team mentality. You learn to accept people’s mistakes and keep moving forward from that, even though they might lead to a goal. [To me,] that is a good foundation for any friendship, Kate Leafstrand (22) said.

Humans of Harker: Dribbling with drive

by Shinjan Ghosh, TALON Co-Editor-in-Chief June 13, 2022

Illuminated by the warm glow of the bedside lamp, Kate Leafstrand ('22) sits surrounded by her friends on the bed of her hotel room. In the distance, waves crash onto the shore of Santa Cruz Beach as the...

“Im definitely a people person. It started from a fear of being alone, but once I got to be around people that make me happy — whether its people in the journalism room, or whether its friends outside or whether its family — I never wanted to get rid of that feeling, Anika Mani (22) said.

Humans of Harker: Keystone of the community

by Shinjan Ghosh, TALON Co-Editor-in-Chief June 13, 2022

The sun beats down on the pavement as Anika Mani ('22) places a pile of yearbooks down on a table outside of the journalism room on a warm May afternoon. With a spreadsheet of the entire student body pulled...

“Design has the power of communication, and the psychology behind that is really cool. I like to see things visually, and I really like designing things that fit into aesthetics. The way different compositions can change messages — that would be something really cool to study and work with in the future, Arianna Weaver (22) said.

Humans of Harker: The vitality of art

by Michelle Wei, Reporter June 12, 2022

Holding her paintbrush aloft, Arianna Weaver ('22) blends a streak of pink onto the dark indigo background of her latest painting, a depiction of a set of human lungs. The organs glow in warm yellows and...

I want to bring a lot of these topics that are more difficult to talk about, or taboo, to life. I want to incorporate my advocacy for these important issues in my goal as a performer and with the way that I give art to the world. I want to make the lonely feel heard, Callie Mayer (22) said.

Humans of Harker: Evoking emotion

by Lucy Ge, Aquila Co-Managing Editor June 12, 2022

Singing, dancing, acting. If you’ve seen any upper school performing arts show, whether it be a Downbeat performance or the fall play, chances are you’ve seen Callie Mayer ('22) on stage. Having been...

We should not seek a “new normal,” as expansive and ambiguous that term may be, and rather focus on the small freedoms allowing connections that are again available to us. That can look like passing goggles to a lab partner in chemistry class, stealing half a cookie off of an unsuspecting friend’s tray or focusing all your affection for a person into the magical world in the space of a tight hug.

Magic in a post-lockdown hug: Staying grounded in small joys

by Trisha Iyer, Copy Editor June 6, 2022

I wanted to be Belle when I was little. Here was a Disney princess that gave me the representation on the silver screen that I needed: she would actively avoid social interaction to read books all day,...

Butch Keller and upper school math teacher Ms. Jane Keller. The cancer diagnosis was pretty life changing for Mr. Keller and I, and it kind of helped us realize that life is a little short, and we really need to spend time with our family, Ms. Keller said.

Greatest goodbyes: Departing upper school faculty bid farewells

Mr. Samuel “Butch” Keller, Jr., Head of School We say K through life, and Mrs. Keller and I are going to embrace that for life. I do a quote of the day every day, and I have forever. There...

Asian American and Pacific Islander Heritage month, which takes place in May, originated as a way to celebrate the different ethnicities that make up the American nation. Asian culture is commonly seen appearing at the upper school, especially with the large Asian population of the Bay Area.

Welcoming cultural differences with Asian American and Pacific Islander Heritage Month

by Isabella Lo, Sidak Sanghari, Aishani Singh, and Edward Huang June 6, 2022

When Karina Chen (11) immigrated from Shanghai in fifth grade, she had the unique experience of remembering life before America, keeping in touch with her Chinese side as well as immersing herself in American...

Using a stylus, upper school science department chair and biology teacher Anita Chetty selects certain features on the body to be visible. The table also allows the user to place labels on body organisms, view the flow of blood in the veins, and take a quiz on the anatomy of the cadaver.

Anatomage table facilitates interactive learning and study of the human body

by Young Min, Sidak Sanghari, and Sabrina Zhu June 4, 2022

An image of a dissected human body with red, flowing blood vessels and ivory-colored bones is displayed on a large table, about six feet long and two feet wide. Upper school science department chair and...

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