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The student news site of The Harker School.

Harker Aquila

The student news site of The Harker School.

Harker Aquila

Ethan Guan (11) writes out the roles that club members could volunteer for at the film club meeting. The intricacies of making film makes it such a beautiful process, Ethan said. Its a combination of so many art forms, and because of that, you can have so many different emotional tones involved.

Club Corner: Film club hosts second annual short film selection

by Mendy Mao, Assistant Copy Editor December 6, 2023

Film Club officers picked a to-be-titled drama by Sophie Pellet (10) for their second film production in English teacher Christopher Hurshman’s room during lunch on Monday.  This is the second year...

“Pick something that you want to do better the next day. It could be as simple as drinking an extra cup of water or as hard as going to bed on time. Just pick something that you want to focus on. Youre going to get this thing done, and youre going to improve by just that much, Aeliya Grover (12) said.

Humans of Harker: Engine of entrepreneurship

by Emma Gao, Co-Managing Editor December 6, 2023

When people hear the term “robotics,” they might imagine students crowded around computer screens filled with lines of code, or maneuvering eclectic, whirring machines through a series of tasks. But...

In his new 23-track long album “For All The Dogs, Drake grapples between options for his next persona. Filler songs dilute the album’s highlights, making “For All The Dogs” a much longer and mind-numbing listen than necessary.

‘For All The Dogs:’ Is the “old Drake” really back?

by Edward Huang and Ashley Mo December 6, 2023

Canadian rapper and singer Drake has explored every corner of the musical world since breakout mixtape "So Far Gone" in 2009. He dabbled in moody atmospheres with "Nothing Was the Same," embraced dancehall...

Frosh Vivian Wu and Zoe Wang draw chalk art outside of Dobbins Hall for Honor Week on Nov. 15. Students were prompted to draw or describe an emoji that describes respect.

Annual Honor Week inspires students to reflect on Honor Code tenets

by Lily Shi and Margaret Cartee December 6, 2023

Honor Council hosted their annual Honor Week which featured activities based on the three tenets of the Honor Code, honesty, accountability and respect, during the week of Nov. 13. Honor Council encouraged...

WiSTEM Co-president Sahngwie Yim (11) conducts a magic sand experiment with a lower schooler during the STEM Buddies event. The third and fourth graders attended a total of five stations during the event.

WiSTEM brings labs and laughter to lower school through STEM Buddies

by Ashley Mo and Margaret Cartee December 4, 2023

13 upper school Women in STEM members visited the lower school campus to host interactive STEM Buddies experiments for two classes of first and second grade students on Oct. 27. WiSTEM members led activities...

Posters and art pieces hang on the wall of upper school Visual Art teacher Brian Caponis room. Color theory introduces the Study of Visual Arts course.

Unveiling artistry: Study of Visual Arts transports students around the globe

by Ashley Mo, Reporter December 4, 2023

Step into the creative sanctuary of the Art Building, where a world of imagination awaits. Vibrant paint bottles stand poised, ready to unleash colorful hues on paper and canvas. Shards of colored glass...

Music Monday is a new installation featuring a different category of songs on a weekly basis.

Music Monday: Discover “Gnu” tunes with Aquila

by Hannah Jeon, Reporter December 4, 2023

Music Monday features a different category of songs on a weekly basis. Each Monday, Harker Aquila will release seven songs, one song for each day of the week. As winter enters full swing, constant cloudy...

Book Blog member Kristiyan Kurtev (9) helps students choose books during the book swap at lunch in the Quad on Thursday. Last year, Book Blog also hosted a book drive, except it was in collaboration with the Green Team for Earth Week.

Readers exchange mysteries, memoirs and more in second annual book swap

by Charlie Wang and Jonathan Szeto December 1, 2023

Harker Upper School Book Blog hosted its second annual book swap in the quad during lunch on Nov. 16 and in the Nichols Atrium after school on Nov. 17. Students and faculty explored dozens of books...

Om Tandon (12) smiles as he answers a question during the senior panel at the eighth grade introduction to the upper school. Om was one of the eight seniors selected to participate in the panel.

Eighth grade families explore upper school through performances, presentations and panelists

by Ashley Mo, Reporter December 1, 2023

Eighth grade students and their families assembled in the Rothschild Performing Arts Center for an introduction to the upper school from 6 to 7:15 p.m on Nov. 14 at the Saratoga campus. The annual upper...

At first bite, my worries melt away as the beauty of these sweets shine through and overshadow any lingering feelings of regret. And with that, here are my top five favorite Harker lunchtime treats of all time.

Friday Five: Harker desserts

by Mia Tang, Reporter December 1, 2023

After devouring delicious, savory lunch foods, I often find myself craving a sugary dessert to cleanse away the undesirable aftertastes of marinara and the like. Often, I choose to seek out a package of...

Apple TV+’s new adaptation of New York Times bestseller “Lessons in Chemistry” by Bonnie Garmus follows the life of genius female chemist Elizabeth Zott, played by Brie Larson, in the 1950s. Battling blatant sexism cemented in this era’s society, she attempts to expand her research and build credibility as a scientist.

“Lessons in Chemistry” shines light on sexism and social inequality in 1950s fashion

by Eva Cheng, Reporter November 30, 2023

In a dark television studio, women crowd the seating area, murmuring excitedly with one another as assistants frantically arrange ingredients around the pastel kitchen set. The director counts down the...

In a world where Instagram-worthy salads often overshadow childhood classics, diet culture has reshaped the snacks that once fueled our youthful spirits.

The bitter aftertaste of diet culture

by Jessica Wang, Co-Opinions Editor November 29, 2023

In place of goldfish are air-fried croutons, instead of Minute Maid is lemon-lime sparkling water turned still. In a world where "Instagram-worthy" salads often overshadow childhood classics, diet culture...

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