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Talk Around Campus: New Bell Schedule

Talk Around Campus: New Bell Schedule

by Michael Eng, Multimedia Editor

September 15, 2020

With the remote start to the school year, the upper school implemented a new bell schedule to facilitate remote learning. See how eight upper school students feel about this schedule in the newest edition of Talk Around Campus. ...

Promoting experimental vaccines isn’t science – it’s medical fraud

Whether or not these doctors are motivated by altruism or reckless self-interest, one thing is clear: scientists who promote experimental vaccines as valid drugs blur the boundary between medicine and quackery, subjecting unaware citizens to unanticipated harm.

by Nicholas Wei, Humans of Harker Staff Writer

September 9, 2020

As the notoriously slow process of Covid-19 vaccine approval drags on, groups of scientists have begun developing their own experimental SARS-CoV-2 vaccines, citing its supposed benefits on themselves, as well as their families and friends.  One such scientist, Johnny Stine, has come under scrutiny after ...

This land was made for you and me?

My Asian American identity is composed of traditions from both my heritage and nationality. Whether it be watching fireworks on the Fourth of July, eating dumplings on Lunar New Year or spending summers in my grandparents' complex in Xi'an, I carry both cultures with me.

by Nicole Tian, Opinion Editor

September 6, 2020

Whenever I travel to a foreign country, my American passport tells my identity. Gold eagle stamped on navy blue. Carrying it to visit relatives in China for weeks at a time, I spoke English with my sister to distinguish myself as American. I, with my childish pride, knew exactly what I was: American. A...

Editorial: Say their names — and listen

This illustration depicts how the country has reached a flashpoint. The African American community is speaking out against systemic racism and police violence, across the nation and in the Harker community, too.

by Editorial Board

June 14, 2020

Say their names.  Tony McDade. Breonna Taylor. Ahmaud Arbery. Eric Garner. Rodney King. Tamir Rice. And so many more African American men and women — most unpublicized, many minors — have been killed by the police in this country. Black lives matter.  Yet this country continues to sys...

White privilege is still white privilege, intentional or not

I could never personally relate to any of the struggles [Lana del Rey] pens down in her poetic lyrics, but enhancing the severity of her own battle scars by rubbing salt into the wounds of others was a petulant move, lacking both empathy and respect.

by Alysa Suleiman, A&E Editor

May 30, 2020

“He hit me and it felt like a kiss”: a controversial line from popular indie artist Lana Del Rey’s 2014 song “Ultraviolence.” Although Del Rey’s lyrics sprawl her raw emotions in poetic lyrics, listeners will not be hearing a rise-above-the-challenge, time-to-fight-back message of female empowerment t...

Heart of Harker: Wellness during shelter-in-place

Heart of Harker: Wellness during shelter-in-place

by Counseling Team, Guest Writer

May 28, 2020

We hope you are all doing well and wanted to remind you that we are still here and available to help support you however we can both through email and Zoom. We all recognize what a difficult and challenging situation we are in. We have been sharing some tips with you each week and hope to highligh...

Latest Netflix hit “Never Have I Ever” is a cultural reset for Hollywood

As I watched the bare exposure of my culture to millions of often judgmental eyes, I felt an inner desire to perfectly relate to Devi’s experience. I am also a second-generation Indian high schooler in California, home to a family that shares many of the same values as those of Devi’s mother. “Never Have I Ever” proves many of the “true” stereotypes right while ignoring some others.

by Varsha Rammohan, Managing Editor

May 9, 2020

The opening scene of the current #1 show on Netflix, “Never Have I Ever,” is enough to make colossal waves in a pool of Hollywood diversity, or rather lack thereof. Lead protagonist Devi Vishwakumar is seen praying to a shrine of Hindu gods on her first day of sophomore year, asking for a seeming...

How to stay zippy with Zoom

Extended periods of screen time can exacerbate the psychological challenges brought by the physical limitations of sheltering-in-place. “Making sure that we get away from that two-dimensional and [move] into that three-dimensional [is important],” counselor Lori Kohan said.

by Sara Yen, Features Editor

April 29, 2020

An entire day’s worth of staring at your laptop screen weighs on your slumped back, cramped neck and moistureless eyes. The 10-minute passing periods, which you spend fixated on your phone screen, do not aid your afflictions. The conditions of social distancing amid COVID-19 shelter-in-place orders ...

The art of creating art

In its essence, art is self-expression — some art just happens to be shared in some way. But if this judgment, this value-setting is your main hindrance, then there’s nothing stopping you from the actual creation of the art itself other than your own judgment — which, given the right mindset, you can also make into an art piece. After all, judgment is a form of emotion, too.

by Jin Tuan, Winged Post Design Editor

April 27, 2020

So we’re all at home now, all day every day, sheltering-in-place. While we’re busy flattening the curve, we’re also encouraged to take breaks, play sports, do art, be creative. Have you ever found yourself saying repeatedly that you’ve always wanted to do something? Now’s the time to start. L...

Talk around campus: Zoom edition

Since we are all staying at home, it has become difficult to connect and interact with peers and classmates. This talk around campus addresses how the situation has impacted both students and teachers, as well as how they are dealing with the changes.

by Isha Moorjani, Reporter

April 25, 2020

Since we are all staying at home, it has become difficult to connect and interact with peers and classmates. You may be wondering about how the Harker community as a whole is coping with these changes. This talk around campus (or should I say, around Zoom) addresses how the situation has impacted both...

A minore ad maius: the importance of Latin in the 21st century

A torch representing the Latin language. The regenerative power of flames symbolizes truth, life–the part of Latin that lives on forever. The smoke radiates outwards and dissipates, symbolizing the

by Lauren Liu, Reporter

April 15, 2020

Towards the end of fifth grade, my mother handed me a manila clasp envelope. Inside were two sheets of paper. One for electives. The other, for language. As much as my dad emphasized taking a “useful language” spoken by those still alive, being the dissentient fifth grader I was, I marked Latin as...

Editorial: Be brave

Editorial: Be brave

by Editorial Board

March 28, 2020

On Jan. 24, Harker Aquila ran its first story on the coronavirus outbreak, reporting 1,287 worldwide cases. Over the next month and a half, we watched — and continued reporting — as the virus traveled around the world, creeping closer and closer to home in what felt like a hyperreal sci-fi movie.  I...

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