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Talk Around Campus: Mother’s Day

Cameron Jones (9): Every Mother’s Day, me and my sister and my dad make breakfast in bed for my mother, and we give it to her. And we make French toast.

Paul Barsky, Upper School Division Head: Typically, what I do is certainly I call my mom, she now lives in Atlanta, and, buy flowers. So I always like to send her flowers on my birthday. I always like to thank her for having me, and then for Mother’s Day, as well.

Emily Mitnick (11): We’re going to celebrate Mother’s Day a little bit early, and we haven’t decided exactly what we’re going to do, but maybe we’ll go to the Japanese Gardens in Saratoga.

Celina Xu (10): I was thinking of going out to eat with her and getting a cake and just having a mother-daughter bonding day.

Patrick Kelly, Business teacher: My mom lives in Santa Clara, and so every year for the last 25 years, I brought her a Jamba Juice in the morning. It’s just something to continue the tradition.

Celina: She’s very hard working, kind and honest. She always tries to tell my sister and I to be good people. It’s okay to fail as long as you keep trying and keep working.

Emily: Her strength. She’s been through a lot and we’ve been through a lot together, so I admire the way that she’s just kept on fighting, and even through the difficulties, she’s maintained her confidence. She’s stayed focused and been able to overcome immense challenges, and I really respect her for that.

Barsky: My mother as a kid was really loving, embracing, very, very positive. And those are all attributes that I deeply appreciate, particularly as I’ve gotten older.

Kelly: Oh my gosh. Oh, man. So many things I’m going to, like start tearing up a little bit. My mom has been both the greatest role model and also the greatest supporter in my life. So everything from showing me how to treat people, showing me how to be a good friend to others, sibling, person in a family. She’s been a great role model as well as just being a support, whether it’s been in teaching, whether it’s been other pursuits, any kind of after school thing, she was always the most important person. So I appreciate so much about her.

Barsky: I remember my mom would always read to me in bed, and I remember when I was really, really young. I mean, really young, and I may have been even in my crib or something. I remember my mom reading to me from a book and then just tickling me. And it was just such a loving moment that it has stayed with me for all of these decades, both the love of reading, and that physical closeness and demonstration of love.

Emily: Oh my gosh, well I spent so much time with her. I always tell her, first she’s my best friend, and then after she’s my mom. She doesn’t really like to agree with that. But, we spend a lot of time together, and I would say favorite memory’s traveling. We’ve done some cool trips to different parts of the United States. I really liked when we went to New Mexico
or Arizona, and we hike a lot.

Cameron: When I was a lot younger, like 6 or 7, my sister would play volleyball at a park, and while she would do that, I would play soccer with my mom for the whole time. And neither of us were very good at the time, but it was just fun to run around with my mom.

Celina: Honestly, anytime I’ve traveled with her for fencing competitions because we get to just bond after I’m done competing and we get to explore the city. We were in North Carolina and it was our first time there. The city itself was kind of empty, but then we ended up like just walking around and going on the train system there. It was kind of fun. We didn’t really do anything, but it’s just nice to just travel with her.

Kelly: This is so hard because this one person just means so much to you and represents so many different aspects of your life, so how do you come up with just one message? I just gotta go classic. Just love you, mom. Always here for you.

Cameron: My message to my mom would be, I love you a lot, and thanks for everything you do for me.

Celina: Thank you so much for everything. I know it’s been like a rough year raising two kids, and now one of them is going off to college. I really appreciate everything you’ve done.

Emily: I love you!

Barsky: Well I’m tearing up because this is such a wonderful process. I’d probably say, thank you so much, mom, for always being there, for supporting me, and loving me without, without judgment. And really coming to me with an open heart. I love you, mom.

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