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Esha Gohil

Esha Gohil, HoH Co-Editor-in-Chief and Aquila Photo Editor

Esha Gohil (12) is the co-editor-in-chief of Humans of Harker and the photo editor of Harker Aquila. This is her fourth year on staff, and this year she strives to foster a clos-knit, empathetic community both within the journalism staff and in the Harker community as a whole. She enjoys dancing classical ballet, rainy weather, portrait photography and all genres of literature.

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“[Building nerf blasters] became this outlet of creativity for me that hasnt been matched by anything else. The process [of] making a build complete to your desire is such a painstakingly difficult process, but Ive had to learn from [the skills needed from] soldering to proper painting. Theres so many different options for everything, if you think about it, it exists. The best part is [that] if it doesnt exist, you can build it yourself, Ishaan Parate said.

Humans of Harker: Blast of creativity

by Olivia Xu, Managing Editor
August 15, 2022
“I would worry about what other people thought about me, what my teammates were thinking. I got way too focused on that, so after a while, soccer wasn’t fun for me anymore. [But,] the school team is an environment where you can experiment and be creative with the ball, if you’re willing to take those chances, and I was able to do that, Muthu Panchanatham (22) said.

Humans of Harker: Scoring and scouting

by Vishnu Kannan, Aquila Co-Managing Editor
June 22, 2022
“When you play soccer, you have more of a team mentality. You learn to accept people’s mistakes and keep moving forward from that, even though they might lead to a goal. [To me,] that is a good foundation for any friendship, Kate Leafstrand (22) said.

Humans of Harker: Dribbling with drive

by Shinjan Ghosh, TALON Co-Editor-in-Chief
June 13, 2022
“Im definitely a people person. It started from a fear of being alone, but once I got to be around people that make me happy — whether its people in the journalism room, or whether its friends outside or whether its family — I never wanted to get rid of that feeling, Anika Mani (22) said.

Humans of Harker: Keystone of the community

by Shinjan Ghosh, TALON Co-Editor-in-Chief
June 13, 2022
“That leadership experience and that teamwork experience is definitely the greatest. Because you literally have to move with each other, think with each other. So that teamwork that I’ve learned from dance is probably my most valuable experience in high school,” Sujith Pakala (12) said.

Humans of Harker: Moving in synchrony

by Nicholas Wei, Humans of Harker Managing Editor
April 1, 2022
“Being able to express yourself allows you to be your best self, and finding things that combine things you love to do, trying to further your passions as opposed to sticking to what you think you should do or what other people imply that you should do, its really important for the best growth so you can be your best person, Nageena Singh (12) said.

Humans of Harker: Picture (im)perfect

by Lakshmi Mulgund, TALON Co-Sports and Social Media Editor
April 16, 2022
“If I see something interesting, and I want to learn more about it, that’s a source of motivation. I don’t think I approach any of my interests with a concrete, end term goal because, a lot of the time, you can’t see that far. Even if I hit that interim goal, I always have to have another one, so I go into what I’m interested in and then see where that takes me as I go, Aimee Wang (12) said.

Humans of Harker: With a spark of curiosity

by Sophia Zhu, Reporter
March 31, 2022
“Im interested in whatever Im interested in, and that’s what led me to all the different activities that I do. It’s led me to small hobbies like playing squash a lot, and it has also helped me connect with people and be more free and open when talking to others, Rohan Thakur (12) said.

Humans of Harker: The little things below the surface

by Edward Huang, Assistant Features Editor
March 23, 2022
“[Art is] a really good way to let out all your emotions. For someone like me, who is not very good at communicating their emotions very well, art is a really good place to dump all your feelings into if you dont like saying it by word of mouth. You can do anything with art. Theres honestly no right or wrong way to do art, so whatever you want to do, you can do, Ray Ka (12) said.

Humans of Harker: Details in design

by Margaret Cartee, Assistant Opinions Editor
March 22, 2022
“[My multiracial perspective] comes into play for a lot of things — trying to look at an issue from multiple perspectives, to keep in mind the needs of multiple communities. Some health issues impact different communities in different ways, so [it’s important to look] at culturally aware approaches to healthcare, Natasha Matta (12) said.

Humans of Harker: Extensive perspective

by Margaret Cartee, Reporter and Assistant Opinions Editor
February 7, 2022
“Golf takes a lot of methodical thinking and calculations. Various factors, like the slope of a hill or the green or the wind or your current lie [angle], everything plays a factor in golf. You have to think about all those factors as you take that shot. That’s something that resonates with me; I like to think things through before I do [them], Raj Patel (12) said.

Humans of Harker: An amiable approach

by Ethan Liu and Olivia Xu
February 4, 2022
The Gothic revivalist spires of St. Patricks Cathedral in Manhattan contrasts with its surrounding skyscrapers.

East coast, beast coast: Going back to where it all started

by Esha Gohil, Humans of Harker Co-Editor-In-Chief
November 27, 2021
A mixture of candy rests in a cauldron from Harker Spirit Leadership Team adviser and Director of Student Organizations Eric Kallbrier. This Friday Five repeater ranks top five brands of Halloween candy.

Friday Five: Halloween Candy

by Muthu Panchanatham, Opinion Editor
October 29, 2021
Rohan Gorti (11) rushes past a defender for a first down.

Weekly Previews: Sept. 20-26

by Vishnu Kannan, Co-Managing Editor
September 20, 2021
“That exchange of information is to me the purest form of human connection, and that communication makes humans, humans. When Im on stage giving a performance to an auditorium of people, or when Im in a classroom in front of a group of kids teaching them something, that exchange of information is multiplied. Every single person in that audience and I are exchanging energy, feeding off of each other,” Alex Kumar (12) said.

Humans of Harker: Breaking the fourth wall

by Esha Gohil, Humans of Harker Co-Managing Editor
May 26, 2021
“We have so many opportunities to grow and experience new things so that we can be the next leaders of the world. As humans, we have a responsibility to act as caretakers and the voice of the wildlife we share this planet with, so improving animal welfare has always been my calling, to give a voice to the animals who cannot speak for themselves,” Alex Baeckler (12) said.

Humans of Harker: Call to action

by Esha Gohil, Humans of Harker Co-Managing Editor
May 25, 2021
“You really only do live once. You might as well live your life to the fullest, especially as a child. And as a teen in high school, live your life to the fullest and dont have any regrets. I like to have fun and not really care about what other people think of me. I think thats definitely a way to go with life, because if you care about what everyone thinks, youre really not going to enjoy it to the fullest,” Natalie Vo (12) said.

Humans of Harker: Swinging through life

by Sally Zhu, Humans of Harker Profiler
May 10, 2021
“I’ve always done my best to keep an open mind and try everything just once. You won’t ever know if you’ll like something if you never attempt it and that’s what I strive to do. At the end of the day, I just want to spend my time pursuing things that I actually enjoy doing. I’m going to do the things that are genuinely meaningful to me — things that give me the outlet I need to impact others,” Ray Wang (12) said.

Humans of Harker: Dribbling with drive

by Kushal Shah, Sports Reporter
May 10, 2021
“Being able to report on my community from the sidelines has given me a platform to be able to do something with my voice, to find communities that were not covering and to connect with them, to form a bridge between, quite literally, the people who are on the gym floor playing that sports game and the people in the stands,” Anna Vazhaeparambil (12) said.

Humans of Harker: Pictures for a purpose

by Sarah Mohammed, Asst. Features Editor
May 10, 2021
“Its nice being in a community ... I like to sing, but its not necessarily about the actual singing for me. Its more about singing with everyone and having all my friends there. It’s like a family, and having them there makes me feel like I can do anything,” Shreeya Vaidya (12) said.

Humans of Harker: Mirth and musicality

by Esha Gohil, Humans of Harker Co-Managing Editor
May 3, 2021
“Everything I do is worth it because it creates an impact. It brings me the greatest joy to see [my family and friends] feel heard, understood and happy,” Sophie Wang (12) said.

Humans of Harker: Communication and persuasion

by Smrithi Sambamurthy, TALON People and Seniors Editor
April 26, 2021
“I want to be remembered as a person who made people feel more positive. Theres so much going on in life all the time, but when you step back, the most meaningful parts are when you feel happy when someone is there. So I just want people to feel like I made a little happy difference in their life,” Claire Luo (12) said.

Humans of Harker: Making a happy difference

by Lucy Ge, Winged Post News Editor
April 21, 2021
“Everyones an unfinished puzzle. And thats part of the reason why I want to connect with different people. I feel that learning about someones different experiences gives me a more complete perspective of the world and of the problems other people deal with. I might not be able to help them, but I can somewhat alleviate their pain and help them through their situations,” Kushal Shah (12) said.

Humans of Harker: Bonds for a lifetime

by Nicholas Wei, Humans of Harker Profiler
April 20, 2021
As I walked into the building and began to dance, I realized how truly important being in person is to me. Though we can’t get as accurate corrections, we must wear masks and we have to dance six feet apart, being in person reignited the love of ballet that online classes had extinguished.

How we overcame the unknown of 2020

by Harker Journalism Staff
April 17, 2021
“The main lesson I learned was to keep doing what I wanted to do whether or not people really have anything else to say. Ive stuck with squash because I enjoyed it, not really because I was that amazing at it or that I was some prodigy. It was about how fun I really found the sport and continuing to do what I liked,” Aditya Roy (12) said.

Humans of Harker: From courts to computers

by Nicholas Wei, Humans of Harker Profiler
April 7, 2021
“I think people see [dependence] as a weakness. Generally, youre supposed to be independent, and, I think thats generally the picture of toughness or resilience. But I think theres something much more beautiful about dependence and vulnerability, just being okay, trusting other people to help you out,” Arya Maheshwari (12) said.

Humans of Harker: Spatial admiration

by Nicole Tian, Opinion Editor
March 18, 2021
“Some things are out of your hands, and all you can do is put your best foot forward, and then whatever happens happens. I dont want to necessarily become anyone, I just want to be a better version of myself . . .  I want to be remembered as a really kind person and a good friend,” Sarah Raymond (12) said.

Humans of Harker: Act it out

by Tina Xu, TALON Photo Editor
March 4, 2021
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