Journalism classes practice action photography during class


Emily Tan

Reporter Ella Yee (10) reviews photos taken of a table tennis match between Director of Journalism Ellen Austin and Winged Post Managing Editor Mark Hu (12). All periods of news-based journalism students engaged in action photography practice today.

by Edward Huang, Reporter

Journalism students in all three news periods sharpened their photography skills today by shooting action photography of their classmates outside Nichols Hall during the second half of class.

Sophomore and junior reporters photographed seniors Muthu Panchanatham and Vishnu Kannan in second period; Lucy Ge, Director of Journalism Ellen Austin and Intro to Journalism Teacher Whitney Huang in third period, and Mark Hu, Michelle Liu, Emily Tan and Arely Sun in fourth period playing ping pong, throwing a football back and forth and juggling. 

Student photographers took up to two minutes taking photos from different angles, attempting to capture a clear photo with both the subject and ball in the frame. According to Austin, the exercise practices students’ skills in taking shots of fast-paced action and paying close attention to the timing and composition of each shot. 

Seniors in each period then reviewed the students’ photos and gave student photographers feedback. 

This activity received positive feedback from students, who enjoyed being able to practice photography in a new way.

“The photography action practice today was a nice change in pace from the normal journalism class. I learned lots of helpful tips today and it was nice to spend time outside with everyone,” third period journalism student Brandon Zau (10) said.

Opinions editor Muthu Panchanatham (12) prepares to throw a football during second period class journalism class. Students practiced their sports photography, capturing Muthu’s movements while he played. (Sarah Mohammed)
Winged Post Managing Editor Mark Hu (12) gives feedback to reporter Michelle Wei (10) on her table tennis action shots during fourth period. (Emily Tan)
Winged Post co-Editor-in-Chief Emily Tan (12) swings her paddle at the table tennis ball in a match against Mark. (Alena Suleiman)
Aquila co-managing editor Vishnu Kannan (12) plays table tennis while Arts and Entertainment and Lifestyle editor Sally Zhu (11) takes pictures, practicing her sports photography. Both students are in second period news-based journalism. (Sarah Mohammed)
Sarah Mohammed (11) takes action photos of Aquila co-managing editor Vishnu Kannan (12) throwing a football alongside the other second period news students. (Esha Gohil)
Director of Journalism Ellen Austin motions with a table tennis ball and paddle in an explanation of the importance of positioning and freezing the action in strong sports photography during fourth period. (Emily Tan)
Vishnu and Muthu play a match of table tennis as reporter Edward Huang (10) and Assistant STEM Editor Arjun Barrett photograph them during second period. (Selina Xu)
Reporters practice taking action shots of Intro to Journalism teacher Whitney Huang as she prepares to catch a football during third period. (Olivia Xu)
Mark reaches to swing at a short serve. One of the techniques practiced today was getting different angles of an action. (Alena Suleiman)