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Varsity girls volleyball annihilates Eastside College Prep in three set match

Claire Yu
Setter Keira Chang (10) sets the ball to middle blocker Emily Mitnick (11) as she sets up to swing. The Eagles defeated Eastside in three straight sets.

Varsity girls volleyball defeated Eastside College Prep 25-8, 25-13, 25-6 in three straight sets at home on Oct. 3.                

Harker began the first set with an early 8-3 lead over Eastside through two serving runs by setter Keira Chang (10) and outside hitter Divya Bhupathi (9). The girls held their lead over the Panthers through multiple aces and strong hits. With kills from Divya and middle blocker Juhi Madala (12), as well as saves from defensive specialist Carol Song (12) and libero Norah Mehanna (11), the Eagles extended their lead to 22-6. Despite some minor struggles towards the end of the set, setter Brooke Kubose (10) delivered solid assists, and the team ended the set 25-8. 

After another serving run from Keira starting the second set, outside hitter Nat Tan (10) helped keep the momentum up through a few strong hits and solid blocks. Eastside quickly made a comeback, disrupting Harker’s rhythm that brought the score to 11-7. This prompted a timeout from Harker, after which, Juhi rebuilt Harker’s pace through a spike. Keira and outside hitter Elie Ahluwalia (10) expanded the Eagles’ lead further with two more serving runs. Outside Hitter Navya Samuel (11) and Juhi helped Harker win the set 25-13 with a hard hit and a spike respectively. 

Harker began the third set tied with Eastside for the first few points. Middle blocker Emily Mitnick (11) helped the Eagles regain their momentum with a decisive block. Serving runs by Elie and Brooke kept the steady pace up. Harker kept Eastside’s points low and finished the set with two strong hits from setter and co-captain Margaret Cartee (12) and Juhi taking home the win, ending the third set 25-6. 

“We were a little slow at the beginning,” Elie said. “But in the end, we picked it up, and we still played well. I thought we had some really good serves towards the end. I think we as a team are trying to go after more balls and talk to each other more.”  

Avid home game attendee Claire Anderson (11) watches the team face opponents of all different skill levels. She admires the athletic ability required of the sport that the Eagles consistently display during every game, with this game being no exception.

“I find it so cool how they can jump that high and then just smack the ball down, so it was fun [watching] today,” Claire said. “I think they played well, especially some of the blocks Juhi had — it was crazy.”

In preparation for the game, the team focused on keeping their interconnection and team bond strong throughout each of their plays. Varsity girls volleyball coach Theresa “Smitty” Smith commented on Harker’s emphasis on unity and mindfulness during this game.

“We strived not to play down to the level of the competition,” Smith said. “It is very difficult not to do. So, [we] more so focus[ed] on taking care of ourselves and not worrying about what the other team is doing.”

Varsity girls volleyball completed the regular season with a 9-3 league record.

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