Student choreographers begin Dance Production rehearsals


Sally Zhu

Student dancers extend one arm together while practicing part of their routine. The dancers started rehearsals on Wednesday.

by Sally Zhu, A&E and Lifestyle Editor

Dance Production rehearsals began this week for student-choreographed dances that will be performed in the “Blast from the Past” show in January of next year. Six dances, taught by 10 choreographers total, have their first rehearsals spread throughout this week, with some already having taken place on Monday and Tuesday. 

Junior Anja Ree, who is choreographing a contemporary dance with fellow junior Eileen Ma to the song “Wonderwall” covered by Katy McAllister, met with their student dancers on Monday at 4:00 pm for their first practice together. During the practice, the choreographers introduced themselves, and the dancers practiced some “across the floor” exercises and learned four eight-counts. 

“[Our first rehearsal] went really well,” Anja said. “Everyone came prepared to learn, and I have a good group who’s very energetic, and I think we’re going to create something cool, so I’m excited.” 

Other student-choreographed dances include a hip-hop routine by Sujith Pakala (12) and BB Ajlouny (11) and a jazz number by seniors Irene Yuan and Nikki Kapadia. Both of these routines had rehearsals starting Wednesday. The production will also feature routines choreographed by upper school dance director Karl Kuehn and dance teachers Kimberly Teodoro, Kento Vo and Jessica Arguello-Chatfield, whose rehearsals have not yet started. 

The Dance Production will be performed on Jan. 28 and 29 next year, and each song is chosen from a past year’s production in accordance with the “Blast from the Past” theme. Due to the safety protocols of the coronavirus pandemic, only students selected through an audition will participate in the production as opposed to previous years, where everyone who signed up was placed into a routine. 

“[Having rehearsals start] is pretty exciting,” Anja said. “I was a little bit nervous, seeing as [the rehearsals] did get delayed by a couple of weeks so we missed out on that time, but I think everyone has adapted well, and I think we’re on track, so I’m really happy about it.”