Pulse of the People: Election Memories

by Nicole Chen, Features Editor

Students reflect on memorable moments of the election.

“I think [Clinton’s concession] was the best speech she has ever given, and it was by far the most powerful and passionate speech of the entire election. She was still able to thank everyone while treating Donald Trump as someone who did win the election but not someone who stands for her beliefs. She still emphasized the idea that we must continue fighting for what we believe is right,” Emily Chen (11) said.

“[I’ll remember] the entire nation screaming and yelling, the sight of the Canadian immigration site crashing and everyone trying to move out of the United States,” Nemo Yang (10) said.




“When the Javits Center had a glass ceiling and it was all happy and crowded inside, and then as the day went on more and more people started leaving, it seemed like a very apt metaphor for everything,” Nikhil Manglik (12) said.


“I’ll remember the first map that shows up when you Google search the word ‘polls’ because that’s what I was refreshing off of throughout the night and that’s definitely the image I’ll remember, when I realized that Pennsylvania was turning red,” Kelsey Wu (10) said.

This piece was originally published in the pages of The Winged Post on November 16, 2016.