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Harker Aquila

The student news site of The Harker School.

Harker Aquila

The student news site of The Harker School.

Harker Aquila

A former English teacher, Vaughan treasures the impact of teachers inside and outside the classroom, citing it as “real magic going on.” She values them as the communitys foundation, facilitating student learning and growth. 

Meet your staff: Re-creating reading with passion and vision

by Emma Milner, Ella Yee, and Minal Jalil June 11, 2024

Students flock to classrooms all across campus. But unlike every other school day, they are not stressing about their looming deadlines full of assignments and tests. Instead, a new type of chatter fills...

Meet your teacher: Spreading smiles through song

Meet your teacher: Spreading smiles through song

by Charlize Wang, Aquila Co-Managing Editor May 9, 2024

Music holds meaning. For some, it’s a source of energy. For others, it’s an escape from the raucous rhythm of reality. And for history teacher Dr. Witschorik, it’s a beacon of positivity where...

Meet your teacher: Teachings of a thespian

Meet your teacher: Teachings of a thespian

by Jonathan Xue, HoH Co-Editor-in-Chief May 3, 2024

A scintillating soliloquy punctuates the stage, marking the ending number to a theatrical adaptation of Antigone. As the lights fade to black and the curtains draw close, a resounding applause fills the...

Rae Ann Prado stretches skyward during her dance. She co-founded Aztec dance group Calpulli Ocelocihuatl in 2023. (Provided by Rae Ann Prado)

Meet your staff: Revive the past

by Kairui Sun, Photo Editor April 26, 2024

Silence. A few taps on the keyboard, a click and another silent pause. Suddenly, the door swings open and a student enters, rushing into the college counseling office. As they check in, the woman at the...

History and social science teacher Carol Green stands with a plate of homemade scones. “When you prepare a dish for someone, you are sharing a part of yourself with them, and youre showing that you care for them, Green said.

Meet your teacher: Kitchens and kittens

by Suhani Gupta and Kairui Sun March 12, 2024

Strolling the downstairs Shah lobby, a teacher suddenly overhears the pulsing beat and smooth flow of Tupac’s most famous hits. Peering into the classroom, they see a sprawling picture of Tupac projected...

Lodha poses in front of Manzanita Hall on Harker Day 2023. Lodha helped host alumni reunions for the classes of 2003, 2008, 2013 and 2018 on the weekend of Oct. 7.

Meet your staff: Continuing to cultivate community

by Tiffany Zhu and Sidak Sanghari February 4, 2024

You may remember Karan Lodha ('04) as your middle school adviser or US history teacher from eighth grade. Perhaps this is the first year you’ve seen him. Regardless of when you meet him, Lodha’s warm...

Attendance Coordinator Ritu Raj smiles as she reads an email at the front desk in Main Hall. In addition to tracking the attendance of over 800 students at the upper school, Raj promotes wellbeing and supports those around her through resilience coaching.

Meet your staff: Compassion in coordination

by Mendy Mao and Ella Yee October 1, 2023

Arriving late because of traffic? Need to leave school early for a doctor’s appointment? Upper School Attendance Coordinator Ritu Raj can help you. Seated at the Main hall front desk, she is the first...

Meet your teacher: Ace of all trades

Meet your teacher: Ace of all trades

by Aryana Bharali and Tiffany Chang May 1, 2023

Cross country athletes surround Kevin Oliver as he reviews techniques and invigorates them with advice for an upcoming competition. His expertise as a runner enables him to devise proper strategies...

Upper school mathematics teacher Bradley Stoll holds a heart shaped paper cut-out with the word share painted over it. Ever since becoming vegan in 2014, Stoll has discovered new ways of cooking and sharing his baked goods with others.

Meet your teacher: Cooking for community

by Alena Suleiman and Edward Huang March 28, 2022

harkeraquila · Winged Post Audible: Cooking for community Advanced Placement (AP) Calculus BC and vegan desserts may appear an unlikely combination, but upper school mathematics teacher Bradley Stoll...

Upper school Latin and world history teacher Clifford Hull examines excavated fossils that he has collected and stores in his room, Main 1. Hull is passionate about archaeology, collecting and the past, as evinced by objects atop his cabinet such as the bust of Caesar pencil holder and the American flag he was given when he first came to the country.

Meet your teacher: Excavating upper school history teacher’s world

by Sarah Mohammed and Tiffany Chang December 10, 2021

Bright green, pink and yellow orange squeezers; teapots from Finland from the 50s and 60s and mid 19th century Victorian Age relics of urinals are a combination of objects you’ll most likely never find...

Upper school Principles of Business teacher Patrick Kelly is the creator of Corporis, a Youtube channel that supplies educational science-related content. Kelly first founded Corporis in 2017 and is also a contributor to SciShow, a subsidiary of internet phenomenon Hank Greens CrashCourse.

Meet your teacher: Business teacher navigates the ins and outs of content creation

by Tiffany Chang and Shinjan Ghosh November 8, 2021

CrashCourse, with over 12 million subscribers and 1.5 billion total views, is well-known and well-loved by the student community. Whether you’re cramming for an AP exam or interested in learning about...

Upper school Intro to Journalism teacher Whitney Huang sits at her desk in the back room of the journalism classroom, holding her Harker Journalism mug. Huang, a 2008 alumna and Harker lifer, returned to Harker due to her deep connection to the schools culture and environment.

Meet your teacher: A return to Harker, 20 years later

by Sarah Mohammed, Features Editor October 3, 2021

Thumbing a photograph from 2000, new upper school journalism teacher and Harker alumna Whitney Huang (‘08) laughs with upper school activities director Kerry Enzensperger, recalling fondly each of their...

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