Super Bowl Sunday: 5 tips to help you maximize your watching experience


Muthu Panchanatham

Patrick Mahomes and the Kansas City Chiefs will take on Tom Brady and the Tampa Bay Buccaneers in Super Bowl LV. Kickoff will be at 3:30 p.m. PST this Sunday.

by Kushal Shah, Sports Reporter

With COVID-19 forcing both friends and family alike to remain separated from one another, sports like football continue to behave as a uniting influence, bringing the spirits of fans all around the country together. Unfortunately this year, it’s impossible to engage in the typical popcorn-tossing and animated debates so prevalent among Super Bowl parties, but have no fear! Harker Aquila is here – to provide you with some tips to help maximize your Super Bowl watching experience!

Tip #1: Host a Zoom Watch Party

  • Invite your friends and family to one big Zoom watch party so everybody can watch the game and halftime together. If your watch group is comprised of some hardcore fans, feel free to isolate them all together into a single breakout room. If it turns out to be a pretty lopsided game, just remember – both Tom Brady and Patrick Mahomes are generational talents and any one of them can easily come back from, shall we say a, 28-3 deficit.

Tip #2: Play Madden Online

  • Set the game to the Super Bowl matchup – or if you’re like me and you’ve already played the matchup several times, choose a different playoff matchup (I recommend the Packers vs Bills). 

Tip #3: Rank Your Favorite Ads

  • The Super Bowl is pretty notorious for having the best game-day ads so compile a list of your favorite ones and compare them to a list of all-time-favorite Super Bowl ads. If you don’t remember any from years past, check out this article for a quick refresher (scroll down to the middle).

Tip #4: Make Predictions

  • No Super Bowl experience is complete without having some friendly competition. Predict who you think will win the championship as well as which player will take home the Super Bowl MVP trophy. Don’t forget to gloat to any of your doubter friends and family when your prediction comes true!

Tip #5: Family Bonding

  • Another major part of every Super Bowl Sunday is the food. Get yourself in the kitchen and get cookin’ with your family to make some fresh snacks for during the game! If you want, set up a friendly competition between every member of your watch group to see who can make the best Super Bowl treat.