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The student news site of The Harker School.

Harker Aquila

The student news site of The Harker School.

Harker Aquila

Marc Leglise (’03) snaps a selfie from the air using a camera-helmet system. His passion for skydiving connects him to his work at Columbia Sportswear, where as a senior manager of e-commerce technology, he helps people secure the gear he uses in the air.

Blooming from the STEM: Diving into e-commerce

by Katerina Matta, Co-Sports Editor January 13, 2024

An email pops into your inbox, advertising a shiny new discount on a brand’s latest product. In just a few clicks, your purchase travels from the catalog to your cart to a warehouse, arriving at your...

Sheena Vaswani (04) discovered her interest in dentistry as early as high school. “I realized that dentistry was a marriage between my interests, and I didnt necessarily have to give up the artistic side of things,” Vaswani said.

Blooming from the STEM: Artistry in dentistry

by Andrew Liang and Sidak Sanghari March 13, 2023

Like most Harker students, Sheena Vaswani (‘04) is a native of the Bay Area, born and raised in Los Altos. However, after finishing high school, she felt the need to explore outside her bubble. And...

Jessica Dickinson Goodman (‘07), who supports and educates underprivileged women in STEM fields, holds up cards of notable women in computing. She has traveled to numerous countries in Africa and the Middle East to teach technology.

Blooming from the STEM: Activist in tech

by Sidak Sanghari and Michelle Wei November 14, 2022

Draw a venn diagram with three circles: policy, human rights and technology. What do these three fields have in common? Jessica Dickinson Goodman (‘07) stands at the center of these circles. Dickinson...

Assistant professor Anand Natarajan (09) teaches at the Massachusetts Institute of Technologys (MIT) Electrical Engineering and Computer Science (EECS) department. He first discovered his love for science as a child and explored his passion at the high school level with clubs and advanced classes.

Blooming from the STEM: Anand Natarajan (‘09) dives into quantum computing

by Olivia Xu and Brandon Zau March 28, 2022

harkeraquila · Winged Post Audible: Blooming from the STEM: Anand Natarajan (‘09) Imagine that you and I are on the opposite sides of the galaxy, and you perform an operation on yourself. Now, imagine...

Andrew Jin (‘15) began startup Dorsal Health with high school friend Shashwat Kishore to create new solutions for musculoskeletal and chronic pain conditions in order to treat those afflicted by chronic pain quickly and effectively.

Blooming from the STEM: Pursuing new possibilities

by Margaret Cartee and Sabrina Zhu September 12, 2021

Harker Aquila · Aquila Audible of "Blooming from the STEM: Pursuing new possibilities" Around 1/5 of adults have suffered from chronic pain in their life. The total costs of chronic pain treatment...

“[Computer science] is analytical in its foundation. But it’s artistic in its execution. There is so much nuance and craft that goes into solving a problem and that goes into designing a model and writing code and building a system at scale, Rengarajan said.

Blooming from the STEM: Exploration in engineering

by Sabrina Zhu, STEM editor September 4, 2021

Have you ever wondered how the recommendation feeds on social media platforms are so accurate? They always seem to discover your interests, whether those are pet videos, style recommendations, or sports...

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