Ron Forbes announced as new Head Coach of football


Dan Molin announced Ron Forbes as the new head coach during Monday’s school assembly.

by Alyssa Amick & Sonya Shekhar

At the school meeting on January 30, Athletic Director Dan Molin officially announced the appointment of Ron Forbes as the new head coach of the football team.

Forbes is currently the Strength and Conditioning coach, and because of this position, Molin feels that “[Forbes] understands Harker, and think[s] the kids really respond well to him and respect him as a coach.”

In the fall season of 2011, the team ended with a league record of 1-5-0 and an overall record of 3-7-0.

Though he will have graduated before next season, senior Avinash Patel was happy with the school’s decision.

“There is no better coach for football than Coach Forbes,” Avinash said. “He knows so much about the game, and I think it’s great.”

Robert Deng (10) was also excited by the announcement and simply said, “It’s awesome!”

During past seasons, Forbes has worked at the Upper School with the football players, and has become well-acquainted with the program. His background in the sport and experience with the team ensured athletes of his proficiency.

“I think Coach Forbes will bring a lot of positives to the program. He has a keen knowledge for the sport of football, which is always good for a coach to have,” said Arjun Ashok (9), a member of the JV team. “I think Coach Forbes will be a great coach, and I can’t wait until next year!”