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The student news site of The Harker School.

Harker Aquila

The student news site of The Harker School.

Harker Aquila

Alum Simar Mangat (’13) describes his efforts to resolve the climate crisis through cryptocurrency and business. He emphasized the decline of biodiversity as a result of the Earths rapid warming.

School Meeting 4/19: Earth Day, dual identities and Artstravaganza

by Isabella Lo, Aquila Co-Managing Editor April 23, 2024

Upper School Division Head Paul Barsky opened the school meeting on April 19 by introducing Green Team co-president Siddhi Jain (12). Siddhi reminded students of the importance of honoring Earth Day...

Assistant Head of School for Academic Affairs Jennifer Gargano speaks about the mission of the school. Gargano also mentioned Harkers awards, where teachers select students based on three categories.

School Meeting 4/15: Academic awards, Green Team and Earthchella

by Ella Guo April 18, 2024

Associated Student Body Secretary Cynthia Wang (12) opened the school meeting on April 15.  Upper School Division Head Paul Barsky congratulated jazz concert performers and Research Symposium volunteers...

Academic counselor Jonah Alves guards an opponent in a teacher-student basketball match during the school meeting on Feb. 22. The faculty team Alves was a member of, Below the Rim, placed third overall.

School Meeting 2/22: Make Our Schools Safe, DECA advocacy month and basketball

by Margaret Cartee and Felix Chen March 2, 2024

Associated Student Body President Daniel Lin opened the school meeting on Feb. 22. Make Our Schools Safe Treasurer Anoushka Chakravarty announced that Feb. 14 marked the sixth year since the Parkland...

Director of Student Organizations Eric Kallbrier announces the winner of the 49ers Nick Bosa cutout. Cynthia Wang (12) won the cutout after guessing the result of the 49ers game against the Lions correctly.

School Meeting 1/29: Parchment accounts, Holocaust Day of Remembrance, Lunar New Year celebrations

by Ella Guo, Humans of Harker Profiler February 6, 2024

Associated Student Body President Daniel Lin (12) opened the school meeting on Jan. 29.  Director of Standardized Testing and Scheduling Troy Thiele talked about student transcripts and Parchment accounts,...

Harker Conservatory representatives present Conservatory Student of the Month Cantilena singer Juhi Madala (12) with a crown. Conservatory representatives also invited everyone to attend the 2024 Dance Production.

School meeting 1/17: Campus animals, Winter Ball, lockdown protocol

by Felix Chen, Co-News Editor January 22, 2024

Associated Student Body Vice President Ella Lan (12) opened the first school meeting of the second semester on Wednesday.  Sophomores Ashley Mo and Aline Grinspan of Students for Ethical Treatment...

Riya Samuel (9) claps for the frosh class as they participate in a family feud competition. The senior class came out on top, followed by the sophomores, juniors and the frosh.

School Meeting 11/14: campus cat ‘Tony,’ Honor week and Family Feud

by Andrew Liang, Co-News Editor November 24, 2023

Associated Student Body President senior Daniel Lin commenced the school meeting on Nov. 14. Head of School Brian Yager acknowledged rising levels of antisemitism in the United States and the hardships...

Harker Spirit Leadership Team (HSLT) announces the annual Spirit Kickoff during school meeting on Aug. 28 in the Zhang Gymnasium. The Spirit Kickoff took place on Friday in the Quad from 3:30 to 5:30 p.m.

School meeting recap 8/28/23: Artist in Residence, Spirit Kickoff and safety protocols

by Charlize Wang September 5, 2023

Associated Student Body (ASB) president Daniel Lin (12) opened the second school meeting of the year on Aug. 28.  Upper school art teacher Brian Caponi announced the Visual Arts Department’s 2023-24...

Conservatory members Jason Shim (11), Luke Mehta (12), Shareen Chahal (12), Sam Parupudi (11) and Iris Cai (11) announce the Conservatory Kickoff during the school meeting on Tuesday. I will be giving you your fresh, funky musical theater and theater news along with my colleague Shareen! Jason said.

School meeting recap 8/22/23: Athletics, Conservatory Kickoff and “Guess the song”

by Isabella Lo and Alison Yang August 28, 2023

Associated Student Body (ASB) President Daniel Lin (12) opened the first school meeting of the year on Tuesday. Performing Arts Production Manager Brian Larsen began the meeting by discussing the basics...

Downbeat performs a set during the school meeting on Monday as a preview of their concert yesterday. The group recently placed fourth at the International Championship of High School A Capella quarter finals, with Dance captain Samvita Gautam (12) winning Best Student Choreographer.

School meeting recap 4/17/23: Earth Week, Downbeat and new ASB council

by Anika Maji, Copy Editor April 22, 2023

Associated Student Body (ASB) President Kris Estrada (12) opened the school meeting on Monday, noting it was the last school meeting members of the class of 2023 would attend in high school. Kris then...

Guest speaker Afsoon Roshanzamir Johnston, world medalist and pioneer in women’s wrestling in the United States, speaks at the school meeting. Johnston spoke about the story of her life and journey as a woman wrestler.

School meeting recap 3/23/23: Diana Nichols’ birthday, FEM Club and ‘Spelling Bee’

by Felix Chen, Assistant News Editor March 26, 2023

Students entered the Zhang gymnasium on Thursday to a slideshow of women throughout history in honor of Women’s History Month, ranging from Margaret Hughes, the first professional English actress, to...

Art Club officers Laurel Davies (11) and Sonya He (11) speak about the Honors Directed Portfolio art showcases. The showcases will feature seniors Austina Xu, Sonya He, Aastha Mangla and Vivian Bi.

School meeting recap 1/24/23: Valentine’s grams, AI Journal and Black History Month

by Young Min, Assistant A&E Editor January 31, 2023

The school meeting on Jan. 24 started off with Siddhi Jain (11)  from Rock Climbing Club who introduced the club's Community Climbing session. The session took place on Saturday from 10 a.m. to 12 p.m....

Public Health Club officers Fiona Yan (11) and Johnathan Mo (12) speak about Chinas newest COVID-19 policies. The Public Health Club held a discussion about these topics on Friday during long lunch.

School meeting recap 1/11/23: Pasta Party, Make Our Schools Safe and Winter Instrumental Concert

by Vika Gautham, Assistant Features Editor January 16, 2023

Content warning: This article mentions gun violence. We advise readers who may be sensitive about these topics to reconsider reading this piece. Associated Student Body (ASB) Vice President Gordon Chen...

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