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The student news site of The Harker School.

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Emma Gao

Emma Gao, Aquila Co-Managing Editor

Emma Gao (12) is a co-managing editor for Harker Aquila, and this is her fourth year on staff. This year, she hopes to explore writing a variety of articles as well as interview more people around campus. In her free time, she enjoys going on long hikes, evening walks around her neighborhood and road trips along Highway 1.

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“I hope people who knew me will remember me as someone that they could always talk to and someone who’s super approachable. I generally tend to strike up a conversation with anyone, anyplace, anytime. I hope people remember me as someone who brought a little bit of joy to their lives, Reshma Kosaraju (12) said.

Humans of Harker: Authenticity in cultural expression

by Emma Gao, Aquila Co-Managing Editor
April 30, 2024
“Pick something that you want to do better the next day. It could be as simple as drinking an extra cup of water or as hard as going to bed on time. Just pick something that you want to focus on. Youre going to get this thing done, and youre going to improve by just that much, Aeliya Grover (12) said.

Humans of Harker: Engine of entrepreneurship

by Emma Gao, Co-Managing Editor
December 6, 2023
“When I went to Korea and came back, it really made me recognize, in the U.S., a lot of the troubles that we faced in the past few years are because people are becoming more individualistic and too focused on ‘me’ and not the rest of the community. Coming back from South Korea, thats something that I really internalized, Michelle Jin (12) said.

Humans of Harker: Narration with nuance

by Emma Gao, Co-News Editor
March 8, 2023
“To me, you have to make meaning in your life. You can’t just find meaning; it’s not a thing that’s just waiting for you to grab. You have to actively go everyday to choose what will be meaningful to you and work very hard to make sure you get that meaning. The activities I choose to do, I work every day to make sure that they are as meaningful to me as possible, that I care about them,” Amruta Dharmapurikar (12) said.

Humans of Harker: Pursuer of purpose

by Emma Gao, Co-News Editor
March 5, 2023
“The journey of exploratory academics is supposed to be finding stuff you enjoy or trying something new. I want to be remembered for enjoying teaching, trying out history for the first time and finding out that I enjoyed it and as someone who enjoys sharing knowledge. Because just as I pass down what I know to the class of ‘24, ‘25, ‘26 and now ‘27 and ‘28, I want them to do the same for ‘29, ‘30 and ‘31, Stephen Xia (12) said.

Humans of Harker: Integrating interests

by Emma Gao, Co-News Editor
January 21, 2023

Flying too close to the sun

by Emma Gao, Co-News Editor
August 28, 2022
Jason Shim (9) applauds after seniors Caden Lin and Kailash Ranganathans yoga ball performance at Quadchella: Spring into Climate Action. The event, which occurred on Earth Day, concluded a series of events hosted by Green Team during Earth Week, including the Buy Better Boba initiative.

Earth-Day themed Quadchella returns for spring

by Desiree Luo, Co-Assistant Sports Editor
May 3, 2022
“Sometimes it can be overwhelming when you hear about the injustices and it can be easy to sit there and feel bad about whats going on. But when you think about an injustice thats happening and you see it [in terms of] taking action on it rather than sitting there in your negative emotions, it can also help you process whats going on and can make you feel more in control of the situation, Elizabeth Fabel (12) said.

Humans of Harker: From the heart

by Emma Gao, Co-Copy Editor
April 25, 2022
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