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Heidi Zhang, TALON Asst. Photo Editor

Heidi Zhang is a sophomore and Assistant Photo Editor for TALON Yearbook. This is her second year on staff. Outside of journalism, Heidi enjoys painting, going out with friends, and taking photos.

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Humans of Harker: Humanity in art

Humans of Harker: Humanity in art

by Heidi Zhang, TALON Editor-In-Chief
June 1, 2019
“When I make art, the best pieces I make are the ones that made me happy to make. It’s an escape of reality for me—when I’m making art, I don’t think about all the superficial problems I have. I might fail a test and be super upset, but when I start art, I completely forget about it. I’m like, it’s nothing right now, because art is the only thing I’m focusing on. After I finish a piece, its not what it looks like that relieves me, it’s more of the work I put into it. The process of making the piece is more important to me than the product, Elizabeth Yang (12) said.

Humans of Harker: Process over product

by Heidi Zhang, TALON Editor-In-Chief
May 28, 2019
“Not anything is given to you. You know, you got to take it and you have to earn it. Hard work pays off.

Humans of Harker: Touchdowns and life lessons

by Shreya Srinivasan, TALON Organizations and Co-Sports Editor
March 21, 2019
“A really big part of the Armenian community is theres no such thing as I owe you one, you owe me one. It’s more like, We should be supporting each other. I’m doing this for you because I know that if I ever need help, you would do the same for me. Even though I may never need that help, I know that should I ever need it, you will be there. So I will be there for you now, Andrea Simonian (12) said.

Humans of Harker: Giving back

by Heidi Zhang, TALON Editor-in-chief
January 24, 2019
“In the end, its really gratifying to see what comes out of the work I try to put into everything, from track to football. I really try to bond with my teammates and be the person they can go to for information or anything they need. I’ve had to keep a good mindset especially this year because I’m senior. I remember when I was a freshman, Id look up to seniors because they always listened to coach and did everything right on the field. I look at myself in that position now. Seeing people improve and succeed is what makes it worth it, Mitchell Granados (12) said.

Humans of Harker: Mind over matter

by Heidi Zhang, TALON Editor-in-chief
January 9, 2019
A white, unpainted eagle is one of four standing outside Manzanita Hall this week. Before painting their eagles to correspond with their spirit themes for the homecoming rally, each class needed to remove the paint from previous years.

Weekend recap 9/15/18

by Ryan Guan, Executive News Editor
September 14, 2018
“Different colors make me feel different ways,” Alisa Su (12) said. “The combination of it and going through that process makes me really happy. Mixing colors is one of the most beautiful processes of art to me. I absolutely hate it when people take the tube and straight up start using the color.”

Humans of Harker: Alisa Su thinks through her designs

by Heidi Zhang, Humans of Harker Videographer
February 27, 2018
Junior Floyd Gordon cheers along with the crowd when a touchdown is scored. The football team won the match against St. Francis Watsonville 49-27.

A week in football: 10/17/16

by Justin Su, Sports Editor
October 28, 2016
San Francisco Giants clinch postseason wild card

San Francisco Giants clinch postseason wild card

by Brandie Van Londen and Heidi Zhang
October 5, 2016
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