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Nina Gee

Nina Gee, Winged Post Managing Editor

Nina Gee (12) is the co-design editor for the Winged Post. This is her fourth year on the Harker Journalism staff. An aspiring filmmaker and avid storyteller, Nina hopes to continue telling the stories of her peers through impactful writing, out-of-the-box page designs and her newly learned documentary photography skills.
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Humans of Harker: Grit and grind

Humans of Harker: Grit and grind

by Nina Gee and Sydney Takemoto
June 19, 2020
“Im definitely still someone around campus that might be regarded as maybe the funny guy or somebody that people know is a specific type of person, but I feel like Ive been able to shift maybe away from being a very specific one-dimensional person that people know as a specific thing and grow into someone people know as a real person,” Nash Melisso (’20) said.

Humans of Harker: The man behind the myth

by Nina Gee, Winged Post Managing Editor
June 1, 2020

Humans of Harker: The world’s a stage

by Nina Gee, Winged Post Managing Editor
May 22, 2020
“I like the intensity. Even when you’re not playing basketball, maybe it’s just for me, but you’re always so focused on the game. It draws you in, even if you’re not on the court. And plus, because it’s so intense, you create such strong bonds with your team. I think some of the bonds that I’ve made, they’re going to last forever,” Sara Lynn Sullivan (12) said.

Humans of Harker: Try everything

by Nina Gee, Winged Post Managing Editor
April 4, 2020
A man wearing headphones skates through the Southbank Skate Park in London, which is equipped with banks, ledgers and a set of stairs. The space is known as the home of British skating and has promoted creativity through street art.

Skating the curves

by Nicole Tian, Co-Lifestyle Editor
December 7, 2019
I think its good to have a competitive nature. I dont think its a good thing to not believe in yourself and to quit easily and not put in the work. I feel like if you think you can do it, you probably can, you just have to put in the work,” Giovanni Rofa (12) said.

Humans of Harker: The spirit of competition

by Nina Gee, Winged Post Design Editor
November 16, 2019
Anya Gert (12) dives to save the ball in the varsity girls volleyball teams match 3-1 win against Westmont High School.

Harker awarded CalHi D4 School of the Year

by Aditya Singhvi, Aquila Co-Sports Editor
August 30, 2019
Humans of Harker: To dance, to feel

Humans of Harker: To dance, to feel

by Nina Gee, Visuals Editor
June 4, 2019
I like seeing people, I guess, in their natural form and not like trying to be something theyre not I guess, if its like they know theres a photo being taken, they might act differently than normal. Yeah, I just like capturing authentic moments, Charlie Molin (12) said.

Humans of Harker: Dress to express

by Nina Gee, Visuals Editor
May 15, 2019
Audio itself is interesting to me. The technicality of audio is interesting to me . How it sounds in the theater and how it interacts with everything else going on is interesting to me. And the process of working with all the other designers, thats probably the most important to me, Zachary Wong (12) said.

Humans of Harker: Making sound waves

by Nina Gee, Visuals Editor
March 28, 2019
Sports is—its pretty cheesy—its kind of like my life. Ive been doing sports my whole life, so its just always exciting to play a sport, between basketball and volleyball, or pretty much any sport. I always get into it. It always entertains me, Jarrett Anderson (12) said.

Humans of Harker: Head in the game

by Nina Gee, Visuals Editor
March 25, 2019

American Party System, Take Six

by Kathy Fang, Managing Editor
January 6, 2019
Lee redefined the idea of All-American for the public. Thats the other thing that I do know about Stan Lee is he was way ahead of his time. He used his power to diversify to media...because only someone of that cache could create those comics and get those published, Miller said.

Marvel Comics creator Stan Lee dies at 95

by Nina Gee, Staff Illustrator
November 19, 2018

A conservation of conversation

by Arya Maheshwari, STEM Editor
October 17, 2018
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India passes historic legislation allowing constitutional freedoms for gay citizens

by Arushi Saxena and Irene Yuan, Global Editor and Reporter
October 17, 2018

Against the Current: The refugee story

by Mahika Halepete, Special Story Writer
September 1, 2018
Elliot Kampmeier (9) crouches down beside a stack of chairs and one of his cats. “My dad’s coworker runs a cat shelter, just out of his house, so we got both of our cats from him. It’s really funny, because he used to play minor league baseball, so he’s this really buff, tall guy, and there’s pictures of him bottle feeding little kittens so it’s really great, he said.

Pets of Harker

by Nina Gee, Reporter
May 14, 2018
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