San Francisco Giants clinch postseason wild card


Wikimedia Commons

by Brandie Van Londen and Heidi Zhang

The San Francisco Giants hold their position obtaining the wildcard during last weekend’s games against the Los Angeles Dodgers, and they are now eligible to play in postseason playoffs.

In the two leagues of Major League Baseball, there are two wildcard teams who qualify for playoffs even without winning their division. The wildcard allows the team to compete in the playoffs during postseason. The Giants’ weekend sweep of the Dodgers secured their position as a wildcard team. They recently played against the Mets at Citi Field Stadium in New York. During the game, both teams didn’t score any points in the first 8 innings but the Giants scored 3 runs in the last inning.

Giants Madison Bumgarner will be going up against the Mets’ Noah Syndergaard at this upcoming game. Although Syndergaard made four postseason appearances, Bumgarner is one of the best pitchers the game has to offer, with an earned run average of 2.74. Wednesday’s game will prove to be a stellar match-up between the two players.

“I think Bumgarner will beat Noah Syndergaard, and I am very excited about the game,” Jared Anderson (10) saidi. “The Giants will crush them and even though they’re in New York; it’ll be great.”

For the fourth straight even year, the Giants are going to the postseason. They have won the World Series every other year since 2010, and many fans now believe they will win the World Series title this year.

“If the Giants can start fast and early, they can be in a good position- but the longer the games go, they score less,” math teacher Troy Thiele said. “I just get nervous that all this energy was wasted and that they will have a one game post season.”

Many Harker supporters are also excited about the result.

“I hope we can get it together and continue being in the playoffs because it’s an even year and it’s a big deal around here,” Matthew Kennedy (11) said.

The Giants won against the Mets in their game that was 3-0. They will play the Cubs this upcoming weekend.