Language and Linguistics Club members prepare for upcoming NACLO exam


Catherine Wong

LALC president Clarice Wang (12) gestures to a presentation preparing students for the types of questions students will see on the NACLO. Such questions include pure translation problems, computational problems and calendar problems.

by Catherine Wong, Reporter

The Language and Linguistics Club (LALC) hosted a meeting in preparation for the North American Computational Linguistics Olympiad (NACLO) last Thursday in upper school Mandarin teacher Dr. Shaun Kelley Jahshan’s room to offer attendees practice problems and more information on the exam.

The meeting began with a short presentation by LALC president Clarice Wang (12) on what types of questions participants can expect from the exam. Attendees then practiced their problem solving with questions from past exams, which are available on the official NACLO website.

Ritu Belani (10), a member of the Language and Linguistics Club, valued the practice, with only a week left until the exam.

“I joined the Language and Linguistics Club because I’m interested in linguistics, and at the end of meetings, they pass out practice problems for NACLO, so I wanted to sign up to take NACLO,” Ritu said. “I enjoyed doing the problems. I think I’m well prepared to take the exam.”

The NACLO will be held this Thursday from 9 a.m. to noon in the Nichols auditorium.