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The student news site of The Harker School.

Harker Aquila

The student news site of The Harker School.

Harker Aquila

The reaction of the public, especially those in power, amplifies a serious message in today’s public forum: Speak at your own risk.

Editorial: Division reveals First Amendment’s fragility

by Editorial Board November 18, 2023

The opportunity to engage in civil, respectful discourse is a privilege we share at Harker. The Israel-Hamas conflict has made it clear that this privilege is not prevalent outside of Harker, and that...

Leaving students out of the circle of communication means leaving them entirely in the dark during a potential life or death situation.

Editorial: Lack of transparency creates danger

by Editorial Board October 13, 2023

Students crouched on the floor as they waited in silence during the lockdown on Sept. 13 without knowing the events taking place beyond the classroom walls. At 3:25 p.m., the public address (PA) system...

While it would be unrealistic to ask students to deprioritize academics, maintaining a high academic standard does not require forgoing activities like sports games.

Editorial: Low sports attendance harms Harker community

by Editorial Board October 4, 2023

Shoulder pads collide as a Harker football player drives against their opponent to break a tackle in a close game. To an observer, it looks as if the sideline has been frozen in time. Teammates hold their...

“Affirmative action” has transformed into a buzzword, ironically leaving behind the nuances of the policy and transforming into a reason to blame others.

Editorial: Narratives distort affirmative action

by Editorial Board September 12, 2023

In an environment as dedicated to excelling in the college admissions process as Harker, every policy and factor matters. Affirmative action always stood out, bringing the topic to center stage this June....

Not only should we accept when others disagree with us, we need to actively seek out other opinions and encourage the sharing of different perspectives. To accomplish this, we need to acknowledge the gaps in our own knowledge and use the resources and people around us to gain a better understanding of our community.

Editorial: Diversity of thought promotes inclusivity

by Editorial Board June 6, 2023

Can schools be places of free inquiry while remaining safe harbors for learning? Schools across the country grapple with the balance between promoting ideas reflecting the beliefs of their student body...

When the main objective for an Advanced Placement (AP) course is completing a final exam, success no longer involves learning or curiosity; instead, success comes in the form of a number between one and five.

Editorial: AP courses undermine students’ learning

by Editorial Board March 8, 2023

When the main objective for an Advanced Placement (AP) course is completing a final exam, success no longer involves learning or curiosity; instead, success comes in the form of a number between one and...

Although empty space during the day may not seem to help students’ productivity, it actually trains them to allocate their time wisely. In particular, the absence of a mandatory activity during the morning block can shorten the long list of tasks students must complete each day, lessening their burden bit by bit.

Editorial: Leave more open space in schedule

by Editorial Board February 6, 2023

Of the 75% of Harker Journalism Editorial Board members who voted, 92% agreed with the stance of this editorial. What was supposed to be a fun spirit event to celebrate student athletics at the end...

With suicide in the top three leading causes of death amongst teenagers, it’s alarming that we are so used to hearing these words that we don’t notice them anymore. These jokes trivialize suicidal thoughts and imply that this problem is commonplace, normal and even insignificant.

Editorial: Insensitive jokes harm environment

by Editorial Board November 30, 2022

Content warning: This article mentions suicide. For free and confidential support, call the Suicide and Crisis Lifeline at 988. Discussions of concerns circulate the room as anticipation rises for...

In the aftermath of countless mass shootings and an intrusion on our own campus, we cannot be passive bystanders and wait for a more dangerous situation to happen to us in order to enact change. Our system for responding to school shootings needs an update.

Editorial: Responses for school safety require an update

by Editorial Board September 14, 2022

This June, Harker encountered an unarmed intruder on campus — one of the rare times when a shelter-in-place was not a drill. With this incident and the heartbreaking school shooting at Robb Elementary...

By grounding ourselves in the reality of the situation in Ukraine, we can work towards concrete actions to help those affected. Even though the conflict takes place overseas, we can still make a difference from here.

Editorial: Fighting from home with support and action

by Editorial Board March 25, 2022

harkeraquila · Winged Post Audible: Fighting from home with support and action  A Ukrainian mother who worked for a Palo Alto start-up and her children mark one of the most infamous scenes of death...

With speculation and rumors spreading faster than the omicron variant itself, tension permeates the campus atmosphere, as empty seats dot classrooms and lunchtime conversations detail the friends who are quarantining in their rooms. In total, 48 students and 16 staff members have tested positive since the start of the school year. 

Editorial: We need answers

by Editorial Board January 15, 2022

In a survey sent out to members of the Harker Journalism news staff, 96.9% of the 32 responders indicated that they agreed with the stance of this editorial. With speculation and rumors spreading faster...

As we come back, we’re questioning what we used to consider “normal.” Sometimes, it all feels like too much.

Editorial: Changing our meaning of ‘normal’

by Editorial Board November 16, 2021

We've been back for 11 weeks on our upper school campus at Saratoga, finally back to lunches with friends, back to commuting in the morning, back to after-school sports practices and games, performing...

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