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Jin Tuan

Jin Tuan, Winged Post Design Editor

Jin Tuan (12), co-design editor of the Winged Post, is a brown paper bag going through senior year. You're not quite sure what's in it, but whatever the contents are, they're good solely because they're in that brown paper bag, a guarantee of quality.

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In its essence, art is self-expression — some art just happens to be shared in some way. But if this judgment, this value-setting is your main hindrance, then there’s nothing stopping you from the actual creation of the art itself other than your own judgment — which, given the right mindset, you can also make into an art piece. After all, judgment is a form of emotion, too.

The art of creating art

by Jin Tuan, Winged Post Design Editor
April 27, 2020

Left in the dark

by Arushi Saxena, News Editor
November 19, 2019

Humans of Harker: Represent

by Jin Tuan, Lifestyle Editor
May 30, 2019
I realized that I really didnt want to be a quiet Chinese girl I want to be outspoken and overcome those stereotypes and really try to improve on some of the better qualities. Who wants to be that little girl crying because she cant speak up? I would be so mad because when I see that in other people, I get really mad. Like, “Why dont you just speak up?” But then Im also a little bit [like] that person, so I really try to be better, Taylor Lam (12) said.

Humans of Harker: Leader and supporter

by Jin Tuan, Lifestyle Editor
May 21, 2019
Generally, [be] flexible. [Live] your best life because who cares about other peoples opinions? Its like, Oh, Sian, youre so weird, but Im like, Why do you care? Im living my best life. I carry around granola bars in my backpack. Whats not to love? Sian Smith (12) said.

Humans of Harker: The Memesmith

by Jin Tuan, Lifestyle Editor
May 17, 2019
Some opportunities for citizen science include Agent Exoplanet, Project BudBurst, Mark2Cure, Christmas Bird Count, the Citizen Weather Observer Program and Cyanotracker.

Keep up the progress

by Jin Tuan, STEM columnist and lifestyle editor
December 8, 2018

Perspectives (Issue 2)

October 17, 2018
Global Reset: The new normal

Global Reset: The new normal

by Jin Tuan, Lifestyle Editor
September 3, 2018
A good sleep schedule is integral in waking up refreshed and being the best version of yourself throughout the day.

Seven tips for falling asleep tonight

by Jin Tuan, Lifestyle Editor
September 3, 2018
Tiffany Wong (11) gestures to a bar graph outlining the differences in duration of time required to resolve a cloud storage data breach between companies with security software EscapeBreach and those without. Tiffany, Taylor Lam (11), Sara Min (11) and Kelly Shen (11) placed first in the Senior Division Presentation of Action Plan with their skit.

Future Problem Solvers members attend annual State Bowl

by Anvi Banga, Aquila Asst. News Editor
April 22, 2018
Ellen Guo (12) presents her project to a judge at the 2018 Synopsys Science Fair.  The fair has gone virtual in response to the CDCs advisory against mass gatherings.

Annual Synopsys science fair draws student researchers

by Krishna Bheda, Aquila columnist
April 23, 2018
Upper school teachers form a human pyramid in celebration of homecoming in

Blast from the Past

by Jin Tuan, Reporter
October 12, 2017
A total solar eclipse in August 2017, as viewed from California. California was not in its path of totality.

Solar eclipse sweeps across America

by Tiffany Wong, Aquila News Editor
September 7, 2017
FPS members sold chai tea and Bundt cakes during FPS club week before break.

Club update (Issue 5)

by Jin Tuan, Reporter
February 23, 2017
A sign near a polling location for the 2016 presidential elections bears instructions in many languages. According to the Census Bureau, 43 percent of eligible voters 18 to 29 voted that year.

Live election updates

by Maya Valluru, Executive News Editor
November 8, 2016
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