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The student news site of The Harker School.

Harker Aquila

Aastha Mangla (12) answers a question during the GSA panel on Oct. 21, which featured other students and teachers. Olivas moderated and asked questions to the panelists about their life experiences surrounding their identities.

‘We’re not colorblind:’ Upper school commemorates members of the community during LGTBQ+ month

by Felix Chen, Vika Gautham, and Sidak Sanghari November 15, 2022

A sea of rainbow stickers glimmers in the sun, placed on the sweatshirts, masks and even foreheads of students. Scattered around campus, Gender-Sexuality Alliance (GSA) members offer these stickers to...

Harker Spirit Leadership Team (HSLT) members speak to upper school students at the school meeting on Oct. 21. They announced the pumpkin carving competition on Oct. 28 during long lunch and invited all students to dress up for Halloween.

School meeting recap 10/21/22: Fall play, GSA panel and lockdown drill

by Felix Chen, Reporter October 26, 2022

Associated Student Body (ASB) President Kris Estrada (12) opened the school meeting on Friday after students entered Zhang Gymnasium to songs from Taylor Swift’s new “Midnights” album and the Harker...

Lexi Wong (11) reaches for a colorful dessert in Manzanita Hall on Wednesday. “I really like the checkerboard cookies that my intern did,” pastry chef Adam Albers said. “They are layers of multicolored dough that are cut up into squares and then re-put together and then formed into a cookie, so you get a really distinct little pattern.”

GSA and HSLT host pride-themed spirit activities

by Medha Yarlagadda and Julie Shi April 20, 2022

Additional reporting by Ananya Sriram. Upper school students participated in activities including making bracelets, posting handwritten messages on the “Be U” board and dressing up to celebrate...

Upper school biology teacher Eric Johnson shares an anecdote on when they gave up shiny red shoes they saw at the store under family pressure that the shoes were too girly. Teacher Johnson, who goes by they/them and he/him pronouns, explained that part of his journey was forgiving his past self during a Gender and Sexuality Alliance (GSA) meeting in Main room 21 on Feb. 10.

Upper school biology teacher shares insights on gender and sexual identity at club meeting

by Emma Gao, Co-Copy Editor March 2, 2022

Upper school biology teacher Eric Johnson presented on how biology supports the existence of diverse and nuanced gender and sexual identities at a Gender and Sexuality Alliance (GSA) meeting in Main room...

Gender and Sexuality Alliance (GSA) co-presidents Aastha Mangla (11) and Aniket Singh (11) spoke about the importance of National Coming Out Day, which took place on Oct. 11. “While most people know National Coming Out Day has the duty to remind queer people of the impact of being more open about their identity, it also serves as an awareness day for allies and members of our community to learn about queer history and politics,“ Aniket said.

School meeting recap 10/28/21: National Coming Out Day announcement, pumpkin carving and ‘Much Ado About Nothing’

by Olivia Xu and Anika Maji October 29, 2021

Associated Student Body (ASB) President Dawson Chen (12) began the school meeting by introducing Gender and Sexuality Alliance (GSA) co-presidents Aastha Mangla (11) and Aniket Singh (11).  Aastha...

GSA club adviser Abel Olivas holds sheets of rainbow smiley face stickers in his hands in front of Manzanita. Members of GSA handed out stickers during lunch as a way to support the LGBTQ+ community.

Upper school celebrates National Coming Out Day to honor LGBTQ+ community

by Ananya Sriram and Michelle Liu October 13, 2021

Members of the Gender and Sexuality Alliance (GSA) handed out stickers emblazoned with a rainbow smiley face in front of Manzanita Hall and the quad as a way during lunch to support the LGBTQ+ community...

Two Santa Clara County Registrar of Voters staff stand in front of a ballot drop box.

Presidential transition begins as Trump refuses to formally concede

by Lucy Ge, News Editor November 27, 2020

The General Services Administration (GSA) recognized Joseph R. Biden as the winner of the 2020 presidential election on Nov. 23 despite President Trump’s continued efforts to undermine the integrity...

POLL-itics: Student diversity organizations

POLL-itics: Student diversity organizations

by Alysa Suleiman and Sabrina Zhu October 30, 2020

With Harker Aquila’s new 2020 election repeater, POLL-itics, hear from members of the Harker community on various political issues ahead of the 2020 election on Nov. 3.  This installment of POLL-itics...

Raphael Sanche (12) and Evan Bourke (10) hand out rainbow smiley face stickers on behalf of GSA club during lunch. “As an ally of our young people who are coming along the process, it means that I get to witness firsthand the growth within our own student body as they’re moving forward and understanding themselves and embracing themselves and being more public with who they are, GSA club adviser Spanish teacher Abel Olivas said.

With rainbows and red, GSA celebrates National Coming Out Day

by Nina Gee and Emily Tan October 15, 2018

The applause is deafening. It lasts two, three, five, ten seconds longer than any announcement made that day. Within the sea of red lining the bleachers, students with rainbows streaked across their faces...

GSA sells baked goods along with rainbow bracelets after school on Tuesday. The first 600 dollars made will go to Outlet, a charity that offers counseling to LGBTQ+ youth, and the rest will go to Casa Ruby, a charity that gives temporary shelter and food to the most vulnerable of the LGBTQ+ community.

GSA holds club week to raise money for charities supporting LGBTQ+ youth with counseling and shelter

by Sara Yen, Reporter March 9, 2018

The Gender-Sexuality Alliance (GSA) club fundraised for organizations supporting LGBTQ+ youth throughout their club week this week. To raise money, members sold Hobee’s blueberry coffee cake during...

Members of GSA sell boba outside Manzanita during a fundraiser for their club week last year. GSA members handed out stickers to passing students and faculty on Tuesday.

National Coming Out day to be observed

by Anya Weaver, Reporter October 12, 2017

National Coming Out Day, an observance created to raise awareness for the LGBTQ+ movement and community, is coming up tomorrow. National Coming Out Day is a day to celebrate those who have already come...

GSA club members Emmy Huchley (10), Sian Smith (10), Damini Kaushik (10), Kevin Huang (12) and Emilie Sanche (10) sell boba outside of Manzanita. GSA members also handed out rainbow smiley stickers to students and faculty on Monday during lunch.

GSA hosts annual club week

by Devanshi Mehta, TALON Co-Business Manager March 24, 2017

Harker Gender-Sexuality Alliance (GSA) held its club week this week, selling blueberry coffee cake and boba during office hours and after school. All profits were donated to Outlet, an LGBTQ youth support...

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