Jazz groups perform in an Evening of Jazz, ending with a commemoration of graduating seniors


Esha Gohil

A saxophonist solos on top of the upper school Jazz Band’s set during Evening of Jazz. Both upper schoolers and middle schoolers performed at the event, which featured an extensive set list as well as a ceremony honoring the graduating seniors.

by Esha Gohil, Reporter

Jazz groups from the Middle School and Upper School continued their annual tradition of performing in Evening of Jazz, held tonight in the Rothschild Performing Center. The show started at 6:30 p.m and ended at 9:00 p.m, with a brief 10 minute intermission in between.

The night began with 6th grade Jazz Band playing three pieces, followed by high school Lab Band, both directed by Naoki Taniguchi, the new middle school orchestra and jazz teacher. After the intermission, 7th and 8th grade Jazz Band played 3 pieces, then Upper School Jazz Band performed, directed by Naoki Taniguchi and Upper School Jazz Band conductor David Hart, respectively. Lab Band played five pieces: Buster and Benny Moten’s “Moten Swing”, David Hazeltine’s “Captain’s Song”, John La Barbera’s “Thanks Hank”, a self written song called “We Don’t Know”, and Chick Corea’s “Spain.” Upper school Jazz Band played eight pieces,

Not only was tonight the night of the long-running Evening of Jazz, it was also the Jazz Band’s senior night. The performance featured solos by seniors Donna Boucher (flute and tenor saxophone), Rahul Goyal (baritone saxophone), Kobe Howard (trombone), Jacob Kim (alto saxophone), Leon Lu (piano), Annabelle Perng (piano), Neil Ramaswamy (drums), Alex Rule (trumpet), Sian Smith (trumpet), Jerry Su (trumpet), Kelsey Wu (vocals), and Connie Xu (bass). These twelve departing seniors have left a deep impact on the musical community, and the event commemorated their years in the music program.

The middle school and upper school orchestras will have a similar event in their annual spring concert on May 3.