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The student news site of The Harker School.

Harker Aquila

The student news site of The Harker School.

Harker Aquila

John Near and Mitra Family Scholars stand in front of Chen Lin Mentors for a photo after the Scholar Grant Reception on April 25. During the event, five Near and four Mitra scholars shared their research experiences over the past year, with topics ranging from racial injustice in Manilatown to Peru’s “gastronomic revolution.”

Near Mitra reception celebrates nine scholars, gathers schoolwide support

by Shareen Chahal and Alena Suleiman May 8, 2023

John Near and Mitra Family Scholars and Chen Lin Mentors celebrated their projects at the Scholar Grant Reception in Nichols Hall on April 25 from 4:15 to 6 p.m.  Current seniors in the program recently...

“When I went to Korea and came back, it really made me recognize, in the U.S., a lot of the troubles that we faced in the past few years are because people are becoming more individualistic and too focused on ‘me’ and not the rest of the community. Coming back from South Korea, thats something that I really internalized, Michelle Jin (12) said.

Humans of Harker: Narration with nuance

by Emma Gao, Co-News Editor March 8, 2023

“How can the federal government address racial disparities within the U.S. healthcare sector?” “If the U.S. is to retain prominence in global influence, what investment policies should it pursue...

Talk around campus: Favorite study spots

by Selina Xu, Medha Yarlagadda, and Sally Zhu December 8, 2022

From the library to the orchard to all the different academic buildings, the upper school campus offers a variety of places for students to work and study during the day. Whether you're looking for a quieter...

A sweatshirt sleeve of Taylor Swifts Red (Taylors Version) merchandise rests on a vinyl disc and jacket of the album. Swift re-recorded Red, and released it as Red (Taylors Version) on Nov. 12, containing a total of 30 tracks.

‘Red (Taylor’s Version)’: Bringing back a true breakup album

by Michelle Wei, Humans of Harker Profiler February 10, 2022

Sitting in a vintage red car, Taylor Swift gazes thoughtfully into the distance as her hand grasps the burgundy velvet fisherman cap on her head. A diamond-shaped ring with the word “Red” spelled out...

Newly elected freshman class council member Kris Estrada (9) addresses his class at freshman election speeches on Monday. This freshman class inaugurated a new system of elections in which students voted for general class representatives as opposed to specific positions.

Freshmen council elected with new voting, leadership system

by Arely Sun, Co-Lifestyle Editor November 9, 2019

Inaugurating a new system of student leadership, the results of the freshmen student council election were announced today, naming Alexander Lan, Kris Estrada, Michelle Jin, Rupert Chen and Zubin Khera...

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