Talk around campus: Favorite study spots

From the library to the orchard to all the different academic buildings, the upper school campus offers a variety of places for students to work and study during the day. Whether you’re looking for a quieter or chattier environment, outside or inside, be sure to check out the opinions of four students, Sonya Apsey (11), Daniel Lin (11), Michelle Jin (12) and Namrata Karra (12), to hear about the best study spots around campus.

Sonya Apsey (11)

My favorite spot to study on campus is actually the orchard where we are now. I like to come here during office hours, especially because it’s pretty close to Dobbins and Nichols where I mainly need the most help. So if I’m ever struggling with some homework, I can always pop into either one of my teachers’ classrooms, just get a helping hand, especially with that. And it’s also just nice to have fresh air, and I can see people say ‘hi,’ and also I’m able to focus here.

Daniel Lin (11)

This table we’re sitting at right now is my favorite study spot because, well, you have the nice shade, you have the nice background noise of the water over there. It’s generally very quiet. And yeah, I really like the outside environment. So I like to come here basically every day during my free periods and such, generally very quiet.

Michelle Jin (12)

My favorite study spot on campus is the library because it’s really quiet and I’m able to focus on my work. I also like it because it’s always open from 7:30 to 6 p.m. It’s a very common study spot, so if you need help, you can always find someone in your class to work on problems and other homework assignments.

Namrata Karra (12)

My favorite study spot is Shah because I really like the diverse community that it brings. I feel like because there’s both desks as well as sofas you can do whatever you prefer based on your mood. And also it’s a very friendly community. A lot of my senior friends come here to either do apps or to work on any last minute homework assignments which is always really fun, and everyone helps each other. There’s the foosball table outside of Shah, which we play sometimes during the breaks in my classes and also during lunch. I think Shah should be primarily for seniors, because we’ve worked really hard and I think it’s a nice spot to study.