Freshmen council elected with new voting, leadership system


Arely Sun

Newly elected freshman class council member Kris Estrada (9) addresses his class at freshman election speeches on Monday. This freshman class inaugurated a new system of elections in which students voted for general class representatives as opposed to specific positions.

by Arely Sun, Co-Lifestyle Editor

Inaugurating a new system of student leadership, the results of the freshmen student council election were announced today, naming Alexander Lan, Kris Estrada, Michelle Jin, Rupert Chen and Zubin Khera as members of the council. Freshmen voted following candidates’ speeches during class meetings on Monday and Tuesday.

A new leadership and voting system allowed students to vote for their top five candidates from the 18 running, who will then participate in a general council free of positions such as president and treasurer.

Anthony Silk, the chair of the Honor Council, which organizes voting methods, accredits this change to a more equal approach to voting and leadership.

“Especially in the freshman year, the students aren’t really set on ‘I know what a treasurer does, and therefore, I want to be the treasurer.’ In general, the council should work as a collective,” he said. “Only one of the [best candidates] can be on the council. Don’t you want the 2 best people to be on the council?”

The new system also seeks to prevent previous members of the council from having an advantage over new students.

Students have different opinions on this new system. Candidate Rupert Chen (9) believes that the system has its benefits and flaws.

“I think that it’s an interesting experiment. I know that it’s to try to help new kids have a better say. I’m not sure if it’ll work out, but it’s worth a try,” he said. “I kind of worry that if people just have five people to choose for, they’ll choose the five kids that they know best.”

Sara Wan (9), a candidate who joined Harker at the beginning of the year, has similar concerns.

“For the people voting and for the candidates, it’s a lot harder since instead of only competing against the people in your category or position, you’re competing against everyone, so you have to encompass all the traits instead of only the traits you’re specializing in,” she said.