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The student news site of The Harker School.

Harker Aquila

The student news site of The Harker School.

Harker Aquila

Gary Ding, one of the junior Honor Council representatives, shares his thoughts on a sticky note to display in Manzanita Hall on Tuesday, Sept. 21.

Honor Council hosts annual Honor Week activities

by Isha Moorjani, News Editor September 28, 2021

What does respect sound like? What does respect feel like? What does respect look like? Amid the hustle and bustle of lunchtime in Manzanita Hall, students wrote their answers to these prompts about...

Upper school English teacher Christopher Hurshman delivered a speech as a faculty speaker for Honor Week about the vulnerability associated with behaving honorably. In a sense, every time I offer respect or honesty to someone, Im taking a risk, Hurshman said. Every time I receive it, Im receiving a gift.

School meeting recap 9/22/21: Nuclear nonproliferation, honor and Outlook Pals

by Lucy Ge, Co-Managing Editor September 22, 2021

Associated Student Body (ASB) President Dawson Chen (12) welcomed the upper school community to the meeting. A varsity girls volleyball video made by BB Ajlouny (11) played on the screen before Elvis...

Senior honor council representatives Rohan Thakur, Alexa Lowe and Arely Sun announce Honor Week. An underclassman and an upperclassman can pair up, find a similarity with each other and submit a selfie together throughout the week for spirit points.

School meeting recap 9/16/21: Honor Week, Herald and Homecoming themes

by Isha Moorjani and Lucy Ge September 21, 2021

Associated Student Body (ASB) President Dawson Chen (12) began the school meeting. ASB Vice President Ayan Nath (12) gave students reminders about driving onto the Saratoga campus, emphasizing that...

Emma Biswas (11) reads written responses from Green Teams EcoChallenge bulletin board. Honor Week launched today with a focus on the environment and will continue with different daily themes throughout the rest of the week.

Honor Week begins with environment, Green Team encourages sustainability through bulletin board

by Sabrina Zhu, STEM Editor September 20, 2021

The upper school Honor Council launched Honor Week today with the theme of environment, urging students to spend time in nature and protect our campus. The coming three days will focus on the tenets of...

Junior Carter Chadwick works on math homework after school as upper school students continue to take classes from home. “You get out what you put in. So if you just use other people’s work, what’s the point of it? Why even take the class or go to school? That’s how I feel about cheating in general,” Carter said.

Redefining honor amidst uncertainty

by Emily Tan, Sarah Mohammed, and Sriya Batchu October 27, 2020

Greek philosopher Aristotle argued in his book Nicomachean Ethics that only voluntary actions, or the actual practice of virtue, could create a virtuous person. For Roman philosopher and statesman Marcus...

During the campus clean-up on Friday, Clarice Wang (9) put a piece of trash in a garbage bag held open by Abel Olivas, Spanish teacher and department head of Modern and Classical languages.

Honor Week celebrates honor for Harker’s 125th anniversary

by Lucy Ge, Reporter March 3, 2019

Microphone in hand, physics and science research teacher Chris Spenner spoke on Wednesday, Feb. 20 during the school meeting about acceptance within the Harker community. He highlighted three speeches...

Senior dodgeball players threw foam balls at freshman players, defeating them in the final game of the dodgeball tournament.

School meeting recap 2/20/19

by Ryan Guan, Executive News Editor February 21, 2019

The Eagle Update kicked off the first school meeting after February Break with a game of Simon Says. Boys soccer gained their first CCS win in history, while the boys and girls basketball teams both made...

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