Honor Week begins with environment, Green Team encourages sustainability through bulletin board


Sabrina Zhu

Emma Biswas (11) reads written responses from Green Team’s EcoChallenge bulletin board. Honor Week launched today with a focus on the environment and will continue with different daily themes throughout the rest of the week.

by Sabrina Zhu, STEM Editor

The upper school Honor Council launched Honor Week today with the theme of environment, urging students to spend time in nature and protect our campus. The coming three days will focus on the tenets of the school: honesty, respect and accountability.

As a part of environment day, Green Team encouraged community members to read and add responses to the EcoChallenge bulletin board in the Main building. The board was divided into eight categories—energy, transportation, water, waste, community, simplicity, nature, and food—and filled with hand-written “sustainable actions,” like “encouraging friends and family to always carry water bottles” and “only [buying] new things when needed, not wanted.” Green Team first implemented the EcoChallenge last spring on Earth Day for students to share how they help the environment.

“Because the campus EcoChallenge is over, we wanted to keep this going [with] a visual reminder, so we put this [board] up in the hallway,” said Diana Moss, upper school Spanish teacher and Green Team adviser. “People are welcome to write down what they do, and by sharing what we do collectively, hopefully, that will inspire someone to go ‘Oh, that’s a great idea, I can do that action, too.’”

Building an environment to promote learning and growth is the overarching theme of the Honor Code. Especially now that the campus returned to in-person learning, keeping our campus clean requires the effort of all community members.

“An important part of honor is having really strong morals and values, and one part of having good morals is being able to respect your environment,” Honor Council member and Green Team vice president Gary Ding (11) said. “We want to make sure that we’re respecting our environment [by] basically caring about our school campus, like putting trash in the right places and not leaving your food out.”

The remaining days of Honor Week will concentrate on honesty, respect and accountability with activities such as an interactive note wall in Manzanita and a weeklong selfie challenge for spirit points.