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The student news site of The Harker School.

Harker Aquila

The student news site of The Harker School.

Harker Aquila

Mandarin students hold poles supporting a dancing dragon in the Quad on Feb. 22. The dragon followed the movement of a spherical pearl which represents wisdom.

Lunar New Year Gala rings in the year of the dragon with song and dance

by Margaret Cartee and Felix Chen March 8, 2024

National Chinese Honor Society held the first annual Chinese Lunar New Year Gala to welcome the year of the dragon in the Quad during lunch on Thursday. Chinese students and students taking Mandarin...

Art Club officers Emma Li (10) and Laurel Davies (12) and Student Diversity Coalition Leader Dina Ande (12) draw in chalk outside of the Rothschild Performing Arts Center on Friday. Students responded in chalk to the prompt What do you hope to see in the future?

Culture Week Days 4 and 5: Students collaborate on chalk mural, mark countries of origin

by Janam Chahal and Lily Shi March 2, 2024

Upper school students contributed to a school-wide collaborative art piece outside of the Rothschild Performing Arts Center during lunch on Friday, marking the end of Culture Week’s activities. Student...

Alicia Ran (11), Mina Okamoto (12), Yifan Li (11) and Harshini Chaturvedula (12) smile and pose for a photo together. Many students wore traditional attire from their cultures to celebrate Culture Day.

Culture Week Day 3: Students explore culture and cuisine through booths and food trucks

by Janam Chahal and Lily Shi February 29, 2024

Upper school students and faculty visited student-run culture booths inside the Auxiliary Gym and tasted various cuisines from food trucks outside the Rothschild Performing Arts Center for Wednesday’s...

Riya Samuel (9) and Ivanya Sadana (9) dance to a Bollywood routine during Mondays assembly. The Student Diversity Coalition opened the showcase by introducing culture week and promoting events later in the week like a chalk art activity.

Culture Week Days 1 and 2: Students showcase diverse performances in cultural assembly

by Janam Chahal and Lily Shi February 28, 2024

Upper school students commenced Culture Week by sharing their cultural traditions through song, dance and poetry during an assembly in the Athletic Center on Monday.  Student Diversity Coalition leaders...

Maria Hantzopoulos speaks as the morning keynote for Harkers Social Justice Conference in the Zhang Gym on Nov. 10. Hantzopoulos spoke about her personal upbringings in Queens, New York and her experiences with students with New York City public schools to address how the community can support social justice.

Harker hosts first ever Social Justice Conference

by Felix Chen, Alison Yang, Brandon Zau, and Vivek Moorjani November 29, 2023

275 students, faculty and staff from all Harker campuses attended Harker’s inaugural Social Justice Conference at the upper school from 7:30 a.m. to 3 p.m. on Nov. 10.  The conference featured a...

Audience members settle in as Considering Matthew Shepard begins. The oratorio was written by Craig Johnson.

To consider Matthew Shepard

by Alison Yang, Co-Arts & Entertainment Editor October 12, 2023

Trigger warning: This article includes discussion about assault and death. We advise readers who may be sensitive about these topics to reconsider reading this piece. 25 years ago, Matthew Shepard...

“Affirmative action” has transformed into a buzzword, ironically leaving behind the nuances of the policy and transforming into a reason to blame others.

Editorial: Narratives distort affirmative action

by Editorial Board September 12, 2023

In an environment as dedicated to excelling in the college admissions process as Harker, every policy and factor matters. Affirmative action always stood out, bringing the topic to center stage this June....

The media we consume also serves as an educator. The world is a diverse place, and movies and television shows should strive to reflect the ways in which it is distinct.

Complexity of diversity in media

by Yifan Li, Co-Conservatory Editor August 25, 2023

Characters flit in and out of my computer screen, their stories blossoming in each frame that passes. I scroll up endlessly, engrossed in a show and wanting to know what happens next, and soon, I’ve...

Not only should we accept when others disagree with us, we need to actively seek out other opinions and encourage the sharing of different perspectives. To accomplish this, we need to acknowledge the gaps in our own knowledge and use the resources and people around us to gain a better understanding of our community.

Editorial: Diversity of thought promotes inclusivity

by Editorial Board June 6, 2023

Can schools be places of free inquiry while remaining safe harbors for learning? Schools across the country grapple with the balance between promoting ideas reflecting the beliefs of their student body...

Francis Parker School assistant head Priyanka Rupani and national Student Diversity Leadership Conference (SDLC) chair Dr. Rodney Glasgow give a presentation at the fifth annual Student Diversity Leadership Gathering (SDLG) on Feb. 4. The event garnered high school students and faculty from over 30 schools to discuss issues of diversity, equity and inclusion.

Upper school hosts over 30 schools in fifth Student Diversity Leadership Gathering event

by Edward Huang, Hima Thota, and Ella Yee February 14, 2023

Around 200 Bay Area high school students and faculty members engaged in the fifth annual Student Diversity Leadership Gathering (SDLG) at the upper school campus on Feb. 4, exploring the theme of “What...

Cantilenans Ananya Das (10), Miki Mitarai (11) and Lucy Feng (12) sing National Weather Report in winter clothing. Cantilena closed the concert with this song to remind the audience about the warm winters in California.

Choir groups bring audiences around the world in ‘Music from the Eastern Hemisphere’

by Shiv Deokar and Yifan Li December 3, 2022

Harker’s Bel Canto, Camerata and Cantilena along with debuting groups, Dolce Voce and Rhapsody performed in the show ‘Music from the Eastern Hemisphere’ on Nov. 10 in the Patil Theater. The concert...

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