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Evolution of senior class spirit

Evolution of senior class spirit

by Priyanka Mody

November 17, 2009

The class of 2010 did not come straight out of middle school dominating the rallies and spirit events. Every journey has a beginning. Freshmen year, they found themselves in a new environment as they entered the realm of high school where spirit is highly valued. Read More »...

Student scientists thank mentors

by Daniela Lapidous

November 6, 2009

Some science projects are done at school in the laboratory and turned in for a grade. Others are created in the summer with names longer than the alphabet. When students opt for the latter, there is a large chance that a mentor has stood behind them with support and knowledge. Read More »...

GEO Week: Raises money and awareness

GEO Week: Raises money and awareness

by Samantha Hoffman & Shilpa Nataraj

October 28, 2009

Jugs filled to the rim with murky water and various merchandise speckled our campus along with drink-deprived teachers as Global Empowerment and Outreach (GEO) Week raised awareness and money for charity:water from October 16 to October 23. Read More »...

Lane Wood of charity:water kicks off GEO Week, after press conference

by Tiffany Chien

October 20, 2009

On October 16, Lane Wood, program director of charity:water, spoke in an assembly and to the Winged Post in a press conference to promote awareness for his Water For Schools campaign, a program encouraging students to organize and participate in school water projects. Read More »...

H1N1 afflicts 5 score: students under stress

H1N1 afflicts 5 score: students under stress

by Michelle Deng

October 3, 2009

Hitting the school hard and fast the week of Monday, September 14th, the H1N1 flu and a strain of seasonal flu together had over 118 students out. Symptoms, which lasted approximately three to ten days, included nausea, wracking coughs, crippling headaches, chills, and fevers. Read More »...

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