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So you wanna be a destination wedding guitarist?

So you wanna be a destination wedding guitarist?

by Jessica Wang, Co-Opinions Editor October 24, 2023

Guests sit before pink and white flowers adorning the wedding chuppah. Down the center of the aisle, to the rapt attention of the audience, stands one man with his guitar. The song begins softly, sweetly,...

MandatoryQuest, a Gloomhaven Youtuber, interviews Motti Eisenbach. Eisenbach showed him the game during PAX Unplugged, a board game convention, and filmed a short interview about his process of becoming a board game designer.

So you wanna be a board game designer?

by Saahil Herrero, Asst. Copy Editor March 14, 2023

When Motti Eisenbach created The Crimson Scales, a custom fan-made expansion to one of the most well known board games in the industry, Gloomhaven, he never imagined that it would become so popular that...

Camera in hand, photographer Ben Green prepares to shoot a National Football League (NFL) game. Green works as the team photographer for the Buffalo Bills.

So you wanna be a sports photographer?

by Brandon Zau and Alena Suleiman November 11, 2022

Sports: one of the most ubiquitous and well-known forms of entertainment filled with action, tension and drama. But behind-the-scenes of each game and event is a dedicated group of people pursuing to capture...

Visual Artist Ta-coumba Aiken poses with one of his works. Aiken was awarded a 2022 Guggenheim Fellowship Award recognizing him for his work in dynamic art, specifically spirit writing and rhythm patterns.

So you wanna be a Guggenheim award-winning artist?

by Sally Zhu and Sarah Mohammed September 19, 2022

When Ta-coumba Aiken got the phone call announcing his Guggenheim Fellowship Award, he didn’t believe it at first. Aiken had applied for the award eight times previously, but in April 2022 he received...

Charlie Major, owner of Bay Area cheesecake store Charlies Cheesecake Works, poses with a classic cheesecake. Major, who started the store 20 years ago, still runs the shop to this day, selling three varieties of cheesecakes in 40 unique flavors.

So you wanna be a cheesecake baker?

by Lavanya Subramanian, TALON Student Life Editor May 12, 2022

After Bay Area local Charlie Major retired 20 years ago, he didn’t take a conventional route of retiring. Instead, he started a new cheesecake business, setting up Charlie’s Cheesecake Works right...

comedian Crystal Lambert performs a set 
at Google in May 2020. Remembering how she had to overcome both self-doubt and a broken microphone at her first set, Lambert credited her willingness to take a chance on her beloved hobby as the reason she has grown so much as a performer.

So you wanna be a comedian?

by Trisha Iyer and Alena Suleiman March 25, 2022

When Crystal Lambert performed comedy for the first time nearly two years ago, she had to push herself into following through on delivering her set. She felt dread at first, wondering, “Why do I think...

Dr. Sue McNeill-Bindon takes a walk with her rescue dog Honey. McNeill-Bindon found the dog 12 years ago at the dump and nursed her back to health.

So you wanna be an animal shelter worker?

by Medha Yarlagadda, Reporter October 10, 2021

When Dr. Sue McNeill-Bindon first found her dog Honey at the dump, the dog was sick and unfamiliar to humans and interaction. It took months before anyone could touch her, making it difficult to treat...

Judi Souza, who first began volunteering as a poll worker in the election of 1980, has helped voters at the polls for more than 20 years, gaining a valuable and extensive amount of experience along the way. “I have always been civic-minded and I thought itd be something to do. There were ads in the paper saying that they needed help and I was intrigued,” Souza recalls.

So you wanna be a poll worker?

by Sriya Batchu and Michelle Liu October 28, 2020

Anyone who has ever cast a ballot in-person has been helped by a poll worker, individuals who dedicate their time and energy to the impressive and difficult task of staffing the election. From checking...

Tara Beaver Coronado poses at her vineyard in Northern California. Despite the 10 to 20 year commitment of a vineyard, Coronado loves facing challenges, asking questions, and continually learning. Since planting her vineyard in April 2018, Coronado just completed her first harvest in late August of this year, a three-night culmination of two years of work.

So you wanna be a farmer?

by Emily Tan, Winged Post Features Editor September 19, 2020

Despite being a fifth-generation farmer, Tara Beaver Coronado didn’t plan on going into agriculture. Growing up on her parents’ farm, she always loved the outdoors and animals, but later considered...

So you wanna be a librarian?

So you wanna be a librarian?

by Nina Gee and Irina Malyugina February 27, 2019

If you've been at Harker for more than a year, chances are you've probably had contact with one or more of the campus librarians. Their skill sets seem endless, from evaluating your interpretation of a...

WORK IN PROGRESS: Csillagi inks delicate blue flowers. Before opening their own shop, Csillagi apprenticed at SF’s Black and Blue Tattoo.

So you wanna be a tattoo artist?

by Anna Vazhaeparambil, Catherine Feng, and Lucy Ge December 10, 2018

Led Zeppelin’s “Black Dog” blasts through the speakers, nearly overpowering the constant hum of tattoo machines that resonate in the room. Greenery and artwork adorn the walls of the shop, and...

Sokol plays the role of Benjy in William Faulkner’s “The Sound and the Fury,” where she plays a man with a child’s mind.

So you wanna be a performance artist?

by Helen Yang and Erica Cai October 17, 2018

The horseshoe-shaped wooden desk, neatly placed candlestick phone and crisp suits in the office create a sharp contrast with the disorderly group of office employees, who lounge across the tables, chug...

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