Homecoming Week Day 2: Students cheer in spirit parade, battle in tug-of-war preliminaries


Alena Suleiman

Sophomore tug of war participants Aaron Bao and Leo Sobczyn rally the crowd, preparing to pull the rope. The sophomore class defeated the seniors in tug of war preliminaries during Spirit Week this Tuesday.

by Katerina Matta and Felix Chen

Students participated in the spirit parade, tug of war preliminary rounds and class color-themed dress-up today, the second day of Homecoming Week.

In the annual spirit parade organized by the Harker Spirit Leadership Team (HSLT), each advisory selected a representative to march from Manzanita Hall to Davis Field, decked out in their class colors with props ranging from flags to masks. Their classmates, teachers and advisors watched on with cheers, joining the parade as it passed their locations. Jazz Band and Lab Band led the procession, playing “Second Line,” by Billy Gibbons, and “When the Saints Come Marching In,” to promote a lively energy.

Indigo Lee (12) served as the Kallbrier advisory representative for the fourth consecutive year and reflected on the emotions surrounding his final spirit week at Harker.

“The atmosphere was great, and getting to walk with [my friends] dressed in giant giraffe suits was really fun,” Indigo said. “The faculty were also really supportive, and it was fun to have a spirit day where everyone was united and able to be themselves.”

Once all classes arrived at the field, the sophomore and senior tug-of-war teams lined up on opposite sides at the center of the field. Although the seniors took an early lead, the sophomore team rallied and yanked themselves to victory bolstered by the cheering and support from their classmates and coaches, who exhorted their peers to pull with tenacity and strength. The contest took just under 37 seconds, nearly a half minute faster than last year, when the Class of ‘25 beat the Class of ‘23 in one minute.

After the seniors’ defeat, the frosh and juniors faced off, the frosh upsetting the juniors in 34 seconds. The two winning teams will compete for this year’s tug-of-war title during halftime at the homecoming game on Saturday, and the juniors and seniors will battle it out for third place before the game.

Victoria Ma (9), a member of the frosh tug-of-war team, commented on defeating the juniors, against expectations, in her first year at the upper school.

“We feel very proud of ourselves and very accomplished for beating the [juniors],” she said. “We hope that we’ll beat the sophomores [on Saturday] by being more spirited and more united.”

To gain more points in the spirit championship, students donned their class colors today, with seniors in yellow, juniors in black, sophomores in white and frosh in green. HSLT members checked in students outside of Manzanita during lunch to tally more points for each class.

For today’s dress-up, seniors tallied the most out of all classes, with 102 students checking in, while sophomores trailed at 85, and the juniors and frosh followed with 44 and 53 students, respectively. Jia Jia Jiang (10), a member of the Student Activities Board (SAB), noted the increase in school spirit compared to previous years.

“School spirit is definitely a lot better than last year,” Jia Jia said. “I think everyone is just getting into the role of it, a lot more people are dressing up, and that’s really nice. Everything just kind of came together during our practice and I felt like our grade had a really good bond with each other.”