Talk around campus: Last day of school outfits

by Sally Zhu, A&E and Lifestyle Editor

Over the last week of school, which spanned from May 24 to May 28, students and faculty on campus shared the variety of colors, accessories and styles of clothing they wore. Some people dressed for utility and others dressed for comfort or to match with friends. Check out the video for a description and explanation of the outfits that four students and one teacher chose to wear. 

Sally Zhu

Avery Olson (10): Black pants, white sweater, green shirt

“I’d say my fashion sense is pretty simple because I don’t like a ton of color, so lots of black and white and neutral colors.”

Alexa Lowe (11): Jeans, pink T-shirt, varsity jacket

“I’m only coming to school for about two hours, so I just wore whatever I wanted to, like the most comfortable thing.”

Rohan Bhowmik (10): Blue and white jacket, black pants, orange shoes

“My favorite part of the outfits is actually the large amount of pockets that I have, which means I’m able to store a lot of stuff in there.” 

Upper school computer science teacher Susan King: Earrings, scarf, white sweater

“I usually dress in a way that I acknowledge a family member who has given me a gift such as earrings that I have on today, and I have a scarf that was given to me by a student.”

Spencer Cha (11): Jean jacket, red polo shirt, gray shorts with black stripes

“I don’t really wear a lot of vibrant colors usually, so just wearing something red, wearing something vibrant is probably my favorite part of this outfit specifically.”