Election survey results: How upper school members are feeling about the 2020 election


by Lucy Ge, Winged Post News Editor

This Tuesday, Harker Aquila sent out an anonymous survey to all upper school students to gather information about how students are feeling about the upcoming election, which is two days away. Here are the responses represented as pie charts. 

The majority of Harker students are currently under the age of 18 and are unable to vote this year. However, survey results show that over half of those surveyed believe that they know “a lot” about the election. 

Survey results show that about 88 percent of students surveyed would or did vote for Democratic presidential candidate Joe Biden, while 68 percent believe that Biden will win.

“I don’t really make my choices based off the party I support; I base it off of the policies I care about,” a junior who identified as Republican said. “I think that if you’re looking at some of the history that’s happening across forty years along with some basic human principles that I feel Donald Trump violates, and if you look at some of the policies that Joe Biden has proposed, I think that Joe Biden is a better leader for our country going forward.”

Upper school students identify with a range of political ideologies and political parties, with a majority of those surveyed identifying as liberal and over 67 percent of students identifying with the Democratic party.

Vincent Zhang (10) identifies with the Green party, although he does not believe in voting for a third-party candidate.

Harker Aquila also asked respondents how well they thought Trump handled key issues, including the pandemic, the Supreme Court, immigration, environment, racial equality and inclusion, women’s rights and LGBTQ+ rights. Most students surveyed thought that Trump handled these issues either “poorly” or “very poorly.”

Trisha Variyar (10) is one of the students who indicated that President Trump has handled environmental issues poorly.

*Editors’ note: This article was revised on October 18, 2021. At a source’s request, his name and video were removed to provide anonymity due to fear of viewpoint discrimination.