Harker Aquila

Two Santa Clara County Registrar of Voters staff stand in front of a ballot drop box.

Presidential transition begins as Trump refuses to formally concede

by Lucy Ge, News Editor November 27, 2020

The General Services Administration (GSA) recognized Joseph R. Biden as the winner of the 2020 presidential election on Nov. 23 despite President Trump’s continued efforts to undermine the integrity...

Republicans are currently leading in the Senate 50-48 with two Georgia seats remaining undecided.

Election update: Senate control up for grabs, Democrats retain thin margin in House

by Lucy Ge and Isha Moorjani November 18, 2020

Democrats will keep their majority in the House of Representatives for the next two years, and control of the Senate depends on the outcome of the Georgia runoff elections on Jan. 5, according to the Associated...

Election survey results: How upper school members are feeling about the 2020 election

Election survey results: How upper school members are feeling about the 2020 election

by Lucy Ge, Winged Post News Editor November 2, 2020

This Tuesday, Harker Aquila sent out an anonymous survey to all upper school students to gather information about how students are feeling about the upcoming election, which is two days away. Here are...

We are running out of time, year by year, month by month. The world we inherit is shaped
by the decisions and problems of previous elections. For a generation watching as the climate rapidly fluctuates and the ocean creeps into cities, we
don’t have the luxury to wait.

Editorial: Proposition 18, our generation’s next step

by Editorial Board October 31, 2020

For the first month of school, we woke up to dim orange skies and the smell of smoke in the air. Some of us packed bags for evacuation, others faced permanent loss and the unforgiving raze of wildfires....

Judi Souza, who first began volunteering as a poll worker in the election of 1980, has helped voters at the polls for more than 20 years, gaining a valuable and extensive amount of experience along the way. “I have always been civic-minded and I thought it'd be something to do. There were ads in the paper saying that they needed help and I was intrigued,” Souza recalls.

So you want to be a poll worker?

by Sriya Batchu and Michelle Liu October 28, 2020

Anyone who has ever cast a ballot in-person has been helped by a poll worker, individuals who dedicate their time and energy to the impressive and difficult task of staffing the election. From checking...

Political scientists and researchers have refuted the president’s argument, saying that voting by mail neither increases election fraud nor gives either political party an advantage. Data from the Heritage Foundation, a conservative think tank, and analyzed by the Brookings Institution shows that there have only been 15 cases of voter fraud over a period of 19 years in Oregon, the first state to adopt a universal vote-by-mail foundation.

The USPS controversy explained

by Varsha Rammohan and Arushi Saxena September 25, 2020

Recent changes in the leadership to the United States Postal Service (USPS) caused shockwaves across the country as postal workers and voters scrambled to manage widespread mail delays and concerns about...

Presumptive Democratic nominee Joe Biden named California Sen. Kamala Harris as his running mate for the 2020 election. She is makes history as the first Black and South Asian-American woman on any major party ballot.

Kamala Harris chosen as Joe Biden’s vice presidential candidate

by Anna Vazhaeparambil and Varsha Rammohan August 11, 2020

Presumptive Democratic nominee Joe Biden named Sen. Kamala Harris (D-C.A.) as his running mate for the 2020 presidential election today, making her the first Black and South Asian-American woman to be...

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