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Global Headlines (Issue 1)

Global Headlines (Issue 1)

by Smrithi Sambamurthy, TALON People & Seniors Editor August 26, 2021

Afghanistan falls to Taliban control The Afghan government crumbled on Aug. 15 as the Taliban took charge of Afghanistan. Afghanistan's fall came nearly 20 years after the U.S. invaded the country...

Marchers attend a rally in San Francisco on June 19, 2020, to commemorate Black history and advocate for investment in education. Last Wednesday, the passage of the Juneteenth National Independence Day Act established June 19 as a federal holiday.

Juneteenth celebrated nationwide as a federal holiday

by Sabrina Zhu and Arjun Barrett June 23, 2021

Juneteenth celebrations were in full force Saturday following the passage of the Juneteenth National Independence Day Act last Thursday, which officially established June 19 as a federal holiday. The Senate...

More than 1000 protestors gather at San Jose City Hall to protest hate crimes against Asian Americans and Pacific Islanders (AAPI) on Sunday March 21. The protest was just one of many happening across the nation after the recent spotlight of Asian-directed attacks.

Pulse of the people: Not a new issue

by Alysa Suleiman and Nicole Tian March 22, 2021

This article has been updated on March 26 to reflect additional resources provided for the upper school community. What does an “Asian American” represent? A computer engineer at a Silicon Valley...

As we reaffirm our commitment to our mis- sion as a publication, we will bring this improved perspective of inspired action to our reporting — not despairing what might await us, but hoping, and fighting, for what could.

Editor’s Note: Building on this moment of hope

by Arya Maheshwari, Srinath Somasundaram, and Sara Yen February 10, 2021

Two months ago, we were counting down the days to a new year — hoping that a changed calendar would bring a blank slate, free from the stains of 2020. But 2021 didn’t start that way. Just six days...

Flags of different countries stand outside a 2016 meeting of the International Syria Support Group. “I think we can all come together and agree that Bidens vision of America is a fundamentally more optimistic one.” Youth Activism Club president Ethan Choi (12) said. “And its one that values the impact of immigrants so much more so than [former President] Trump.”

President Biden signs executive orders regarding immigration

by Irene Yuan, Multimedia Editor January 31, 2021

In the first days of his presidency, President Biden signed several executive orders regarding immigration, including defending the DACA program, ending the "Muslim-travel ban," changing immigration enforcement...

Only the beginning.

Editorial Cartoon: Only the beginning

by Emily Tan, Winged Post Features Editor January 22, 2021

At 12:15 p.m. on Wednesday during the Senate confirmation of election results, a mob of supporters of President Donald Trump broke into the Capitol. Members of Congress who met to count electoral votes in the 2020 presidential elections evacuated and sheltered in place, and the U.S. Capitol Police failed to prevent rioters, some of whom were armed, from storming the building.

“Enough is enough is enough”

by Nicole Tian, Opinions Editor January 9, 2021

“Enough is enough is enough.”  With these words, President-elect Joe Biden, in a speech from Delaware on Wednesday, declared democracy under “unprecedented assault.”  At 12:15 p.m. on Wednesday...

Republicans are currently leading in the Senate 50-48 with two Georgia seats remaining undecided.

Election update: Senate control up for grabs, Democrats retain thin margin in House

by Lucy Ge and Isha Moorjani November 18, 2020

Democrats will keep their majority in the House of Representatives for the next two years, and control of the Senate depends on the outcome of the Georgia runoff elections on Jan. 5, according to the Associated...

President-elect Biden is not a panacea for all our ailments, but he is a step in the right direction. Biden has promised to be a president for all Americans, regardless of political affiliation, and he brings with him a history of bipartisanship in his nearly 50 years serving the American people.

Editorial: Defend our democracy

by Editorial Board November 12, 2020

In a survey sent out to members of the Harker Journalism news staff, 25 of the 26 respondees indicated that they agreed with the stance of this editorial. Nearly two years ago, Harker Aquila drove up...

Election survey results: How upper school members are feeling about the 2020 election

Election survey results: How upper school members are feeling about the 2020 election

by Lucy Ge, Winged Post News Editor November 1, 2020

This Tuesday, Harker Aquila sent out an anonymous survey to all upper school students to gather information about how students are feeling about the upcoming election, which is two days away. Here are...

Editorial: Ousting Trump is the only choice

Editorial: Ousting Trump is the only choice

by Editorial Board October 29, 2020

Over 221,000 Americans dead from coronavirus. The killing of unarmed Black men and women prompting protests across the nation. Unemployment shooting up to 14.7% in April. Leaders are defined by their...

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