Funny You Should Mention It: Episode 1

by Lakshmi Mulgund and Rachel Ning

Brought to you by Harker Aquila, Funny You Should Mention It is a pop culture-based video podcast created by Rachel Ning (10) and Lakshmi Mulgund (10). 

We wanted to create the podcast as a way to share news through a different medium. Funny You Should Mention It features insights into our personal lives as well as segments about current world news. 

This is the first episode of Funny You Should Mention It, filmed in early June. It begins with a segment called “Howdy You Feel,” in which we are given a random adjective and have to talk about an experience relating to that adjective. Since this episode’s adjective is “disappointed,” we explain how late package arrivals and failed baking experiments have disappointed us. 

After this, guest speaker Michelle Jin (10) discusses how quarantine has affected her daily schedule and what she’ll be doing after the shelter-in-place order is lifted. We’ll be bringing on guest speakers every episode to offer opinions on topics that they can provide more insight on. 

Talking about the serious topic of the Black Lives Matter movement, both hosts suggest how to show support through petitions and donations if you aren’t able to go to protests. For additional information and resources, visit this document.

To conclude the first episode, Rachel shares her baking mistakes while making cookies, and Lakshmi relates to this by sharing a story about a similar mishap.  

We’re always open to new ideas and feedback. Comment below and let us know what you think and what topics you would like to see covered in future episodes. Stay tuned for our next upload!