Freshmen complete service as sophomores and juniors take PSATs


Kushal Shah

Testing locations for both juniors and sophomores are posted on the TV monitors in Main. Both grades were required to be at school at 7:30 a.m.

by Kushal Shah, Sports Columnist

Sophomores and juniors took the PSATs at school on Wednesday from 8 to 11 a.m., while the freshmen travelled to Coyote Creek to sustain its natural environment and preserve it for years to come. 

The freshmen helped to clean off excess dirt that had gathered at the sides of the trail in order to widen it and make it safer for users; they learned how to use tools like hoes and pickaxes to break the dirt and clean up the path.

“The work felt really fulfilling,” said freshman Jessica Zhou. “It was a little tiring but also fun, and we talked while working.”

Testing locations for students were organized by advisories and were posted throughout the campus before the start of testing. While the sophomores took the PSAT as a practice exam for next year and any future standardized tests, the current juniors’ PSAT scores will be sent to the College Board to be considered for the National Merit Scholarship program.

Though the sophomores’ PSATs were merely meant to simulate the real exam, both sophomores and juniors were required to arrive at school by 7:30 a.m. Any late students would not have been able to take the PSAT in accordance with the College Board’s regulations.

Student Guides and practice PSAT exams were handed out by sophomore and junior English classes to provide preparatory material to students in the weeks before the offical PSAT test date, with some classes going over the exam in detail.

“I’ve been reviewing the practice packet my English teacher gave me,” said junior Aditya Tadimeti. “I’m not particularly stressed about it because I’ve already taken standardized tests before, and we took the same test last year.”

Meanwhile, the seniors were excused from school to provide them with an opportunity to study and work on their upcoming college applications.

“The time off provided me a much needed day to destress and relax,” Ishaan Chandra (12) said. “I was also able to work on my early college applications and even finalize some as well.”