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Giving during the holidays

Griffin Crook (12) stands next to the doughnut holes he purchased dressed in a festive blazer and Santa hat. Griffin announced during school meeting on Dec. 6 that he had purchased 2000 doughnut holes for his fellow students to enjoy in the spirit of holiday cheer.

by Nicole Tian and Arely Sun

January 5, 2020

After the conclusion of the previous announcement, the projector in front of the school assembly simply flashed to display a single slide introducing Griffin Crook (12). A ripple of chatter spread through the crowd as he stepped up to the microphone dressed in a brightly patterned festive blazer and a ...

Fifth annual service fair features volunteer organizations and service opportunities for students

Vaishnavi Murari (11) talks about service opportunities at the intersection of music and computer science as a student representative for the volunteer organization MusiCodes, along with the co-founders Michelle Si (11) and Aarzu Gupta (12), at the annual service fair. The service fair featured booths from 28 volunteer organizations in the Nichols Auditorium on Oct. 30.

by Sarah Mohammed and Nicholas Wei

November 6, 2019

Student-led and local volunteer organizations presented various community service opportunities to upper school students during the annual service fair, which was held in the Nichols Auditorium on Oct. 30.  The fair, which has happened annually since 2015, helps students explore volunteer service...

Freshmen complete service as sophomores and juniors take PSATs

Testing locations for both juniors and sophomores are posted on the TV monitors in Main. Both grades were required to be at school at 7:30 a.m.

by Kushal Shah, Sports Columnist

October 17, 2019

Sophomores and juniors took the PSATs at school on Wednesday from 8 to 11 a.m., while the freshmen travelled to Coyote Creek to sustain its natural environment and preserve it for years to come.  The freshmen helped to clean off excess dirt that had gathered at the sides of the trail in order to wi...

Students and faculty take field trip down to SeaCliff Beach for Coastal Cleanup Day

Freshmen Lexi Nishimura, Vivian Bi, and Alisa Grebin pick up small colorful shiny pieces of confetti stuck in the bush, conversing about whether there was a birthday party earlier.

by Sriya Batchu, Reporter

September 22, 2019

Following Friday’s youth climate strike in downtown San Jose, a group of thirty-five upper school  students and staff took a bus to Seacliff State Beach in Aptos to participate in clearing litter during Coastal Cleanup Day, an annual global beach cleanup volunteer day. A school bus left the upper school around 7:...

Sophomore class holds Dippin’ Dots fundraiser

Secretary Helen Li (10) enjoys a cone of Dippin Dots as she waits for students to stop by and purchase some ice cream. By the end of lunch, the students sold out of everything but the Rainbow and Banana Split flavors.

by Arushi Saxena, Global Editor

May 24, 2019

The sophomore class held a Dippin' Dots fundraiser on yesterday during lunch, raising $535 over the course of long lunch. The goal was $2021. They ended with a total budget of $2162, allowing them to spend more freely over the next year in whichever events they take part in or organize. The sophomore...

Book club wraps books for donation

Meilin Yen (10) cuts some wrapping paper.

by Irina Malyugina, Photo Editor

May 24, 2019

Members of the Book Club wrapped donated books to send them to a hospital yesterday during lunch, at a volunteering event held in English teacher Beverly Manning's classroom. Students who attended and helped out were able to earn volunteer hours, and those who participated were greeted by food as th...

Heart of Harker: A positive snowball effect

Heart of Harker: A positive snowball effect

by Krishay Mukhija, Guest Writer

February 24, 2019

Two years ago, I was debating against a talented opponent at the California Debate Tournament. While waiting for the judge’s decision, I asked if I would see him at an upcoming tournament. Shockingly, he answered no, explaining that he did not have a suit and felt “out of place” at these events. Th...

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