Pope Francis offers words on migration


The Office of the President of Argentina

As migrants try to enter the U.S., Pope Francis is in Central America. Historically, in support of helping migrants, the Pope suggested that our fear of immigration is driven by irrational thought.

by Arushi Saxena, Global Editor

Pope Francis is currently in Central America amidst the longest government shutdown in American history. Though Francis is making the trip to attend the World Youth Day, the trip occurs as a new caravan of migrants heads towards the border and tensions over the border wall crisis increase in the United States.

When asked about the proposed border wall by reporters on Wednesday, the Pope replied, “it is the fear [of migration] that makes us crazy.”

In the past, Francis has called for “bridges, not walls,” declaring anyone in support of the border wall “non Christian.” The Roman Catholic Church’s first Latin American pope and a liberal-leaning figure, the Pope also called on young people and the government to do their part and create new opportunities for all.

Upon touching down in Panama City, Pope Francis was welcomed by the President and First Lady, surrounded by spectators who greeted him as he walked down a red carpet on the tarmac, chanting “this is the youth of the pope!” according to Time Magazine.

Francis has since made no comment on the situation in the U.S.