School meeting recap 8/28

by Ryan Guan, Executive News Editor

Tuesday’s school meeting featured a humorous presentation about Harker’s 125th anniversary, including middle school English teachers Marjorie Hazeltine and Mark Gelineau.

Upper School Head Butch Keller introduced the meeting with the question, “Is the ‘flame of knowledge’ dying?”

Gelineau, dressed as the “flame of knowledge”, presented Hazeltine with a riddle in order to save the flame. In their attempts to solve the riddle, Hazeltine and Gelineau reviewed the history of the school. Topics included food classes at Miss Harker School for Girls, old Harker uniforms — a segment that included upper school teachers Jane Keller, Karl Kuehn and Lauri Vaughan dressed in historical uniforms — and the various mission statements of historical iterations of the school. Finally, Hazeltine concluded that what kept the “flame of knowledge” alive was curiosity.

The meeting ended with a sing-along of the Harker school song, after which students could pick up special cookies decorated with commemorative 125th anniversary icing.