Gender-Sexuality Alliance at Harker: Interview with Jenny Bourke (12) and Ashley Devlin (9)

by Maya Valluru, Copy Editor

Winged Post: Why do you think it’s important that Harker has a GSA?

Jenny Bourke: “I think it’s important because I do keep hearing people using slurs, sometimes as a joke. Even if it is, it’s still bad and people [should] be informed that you shouldn’t do this because there are people out there who go through really bad things.”

Ashley Devlin: “When people don’t have help, they get depressed. Educating people and helping people will help reduce that. I do hear [discriminatory slurs]. I think that if we want to reduce it we have to take disciplinary measures against students who do that.”

WP: What was it like speaking during school meeting?

JB: “I think it was a little nerve-racking; there were about 800 people that I was talking to, so that was fun. It didn’t feel wrong in the end. I was talking about myself so it was definitely a subject I knew a lot about.”

AD: “[Speaking at the school meeting] was fun. I got to talk in front of a lot of people about something I actually care about. i felt like it was like educating people a bit.”

WP: How is the Harker community in terms of acceptance in comparison to other communities?

JB: [This community] is definitely more accepting than others that I have been in. There are still problems, but in comparison to the other places, it’s pretty good.”

AD: “I think Harker is better than some places, but it’s not the best. I don’t think I’ve heard of anyone at Harker recently bullying anyone because they were gay or bisexual or transgender or anything.”