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The student news site of The Harker School.

Harker Aquila

Over 2,500 protestors gathered at the #StopAsianHate Community Rally at San Jose City Hall on Sunday, Mar. 21, at 1 p.m. to protest the recent violence against Asian Americans across the nation. The rally focused on Asian American discrimination, minority intersectionality, recent injustices against elderly Asian Americans and the history of Asian American and Pacific Islander (AAPI) discrimination in the United States.

#StopAsianHate Community Rally ushers in thousands of protesters

by Alysa Suleiman, A&E Editor March 24, 2021

"One beat. One heart.”  Over 2,500 protestors gathered at the #StopAsianHate Community Rally at San Jose City Hall on Sunday, March 21, at 1 p.m. to protest the recent violence against Asian...

After a year upended by a relentless pandemic, the violent Capitol attack delivered a gut-wrenching blow to America’s battered morale. It was based in the false imagination of a stolen election, a story strengthened by those in public office who promoted the narrative and backed Trump in his disturbing rhetoric.

Editorial: Striking down the gavel on the First Amendment

by Editorial Board January 11, 2021

In a survey sent out to members of the Harker Journalism news staff, 100% of the 27 respondees indicated that they agreed with the stance of this editorial. “Account suspended. Twitter suspends accounts...

At 12:15 p.m. on Wednesday during the Senate confirmation of election results, a mob of supporters of President Donald Trump broke into the Capitol. Members of Congress who met to count electoral votes in the 2020 presidential elections evacuated and sheltered in place, and the U.S. Capitol Police failed to prevent rioters, some of whom were armed, from storming the building.

“Enough is enough is enough”

by Nicole Tian, Opinions Editor January 9, 2021

“Enough is enough is enough.”  With these words, President-elect Joe Biden, in a speech from Delaware on Wednesday, declared democracy under “unprecedented assault.”  At 12:15 p.m. on Wednesday...

Striving for social justice

by Arushi Saxena, Emily Tan, Nicole Tian, and Sara Yen January 21, 2020

“Show me what democracy looks like!” Behind the banner emblazoned with “Women’s March 2020,” loudspeakers blared from the event’s organizers as they led the enthusiastic protestors in a...

Protestors cross De Anza Boulevard and wave signs at cars that call for the House to pass two articles of impeachment tomorrow.

Demonstrators call for impeachment on street corners around Bay Area on the eve of historic impeachment vote

by Kathy Fang, Editor-in-Chief December 18, 2019

On the eve of a historic House vote on two articles of impeachment, activists voice their support for impeachment at demonstrations around the Bay Area, joining over 600 rallies and protests nationwide...

Saanvi Arora (10) joins other high school students from around the Bay Area in leading last Saturdays March for Education. Saanvi is a member of GEN-Up, a student-led social justice organization and student-activist coalition.

“Students, teachers take a stand”: March for Education rallies support for educational funding

by Kathy Fang, Arushi Saxena, and Alysa Suleiman November 19, 2019

Over 100 people gathered in César Chavez Plaza in downtown San Jose on Nov. 9 as part of the March for Education, an event hosted by GEN-Up, a student-led social justice organization and student-activist...

Roxanne Gaona, a senior at Central High School in Fresno, and another youth activist hold a banner reading Standing Together for Juristac at the front of a Sept. 8 march protesting the proposed construction of a quarry at Sargent Ranch. Local environmental groups and Native Americans have opposed the mining operation since 2016, as Santa Clara County deliberates the environmental and cultural impact of the proposal.

Local tribe protests Santa Clara County mining operation

by Eric Fang, Winged Post Editor-in-Chief October 1, 2019

At the southern end of Santa Clara County, just west of Highway 101, green and gold hills stretch for over 6,000 acres. Oak and sycamore trees dot the rolling landscape known as Sargent Ranch, providing...

Climate strikers march down Santa Clara Street in downtown San Jose, chanting and shouting for environmental protection policies and governmental action. Last Friday, millions of protestors around the world took to the streets to demand climate action from national governments, most of these strikes led by youth activists.

Global Reset: “No Planet B”

by Sriya Batchu, Kathy Fang, and Arushi Saxena September 22, 2019

As a student speaker dressed in a red shirt finishes her speech and steps away from the microphone, the vast crowd of mostly young people erupts in cheers while waving brightly colored handmade signs with...

An extradition bill proposed by the Hong Kong government has led to a series of demonstrations and protests against it.

Flame of liberty: How Hong Kong’s riots burned through the city’s economy

by Nina Gee and Emily Tan August 28, 2019

It started off peaceful: hundreds of thousands of people marching the streets of Hong Kong, fighting for their right to a due democratic process and for the identity of a nation.  And then, suddenly,...

Two people with signs against with messages against Brexit, shout at a member of parliament walking out the The Palace of Westminster. Theresa May, the Prime Minister of Britain, lost in the House of Commons on January 15, 2019, over her deal to leave the European Union.

Voice your opinion: Brexit protestors continue fight over EU

by Carter Chadwick, Humans of Harker Videographer and Photographer June 18, 2019

A small group of protesters shout at passersby and members of the British Parliament who exit The Palace of Westminster after a session on June 11. The Prime Minister of Britain, Theresa May made a...

Third year of Women’s March protests takes up variety of current issues

Third year of Women’s March protests takes up variety of current issues

by Kathy Fang, Managing Editor January 21, 2019

As comedian Mona Shaikh ascended the dias and took hold of the microphone before a crowd of marchers and protest signs gathered in San Francisco’s Civic Center, a surge of cheers and shouts rang across...

Counter-protesters raise their fists at the “No to Marxism in America 2” rally in Berkeley on Aug. 5. “[The counter protest is] about making sure that working class people have solidarity,” said Khawer Khan, one of the counter-protesters.

Rally a year after Charlottesville faces resistance

by Varsha Rammohan, Winged Post Copy Editor August 31, 2018

One year after the violent Unite the Right rally in Charlottesville, Virginia, the Unite the Right 2 rally took place in Washington, D.C. from Aug. 11 to Aug. 12. White supremacist groups began to gather...

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